Friday, 27 December 2013


The mire I see of these hospitals and surgeries appearing all over the country the more it seems that certain people I contacted followed my advice.

It would be foolish for me to suggest going after anyone I left in my wake as I had been creating waves for sometime. Anyone asking questions would have then snapping shut like large Marine Clams in mere moments.

Instead I pointed this out and expressed that these practises and failings were rife and to look anywhere and you will find it. Well 100% of the time for me but there should be some good Doctors that are decent and refuse to be used and manipulated by the bean counters? Possibly?

Well this leads me into a piece of news with my endeavours with the NHS. I saw my GP but still could bit get him to admit to what they suspected. I did have a chat about Fibromyalgia and I am pleased to say he is not resistant to referring me to Guy's Hospital! Very cool!

I had also had a really bad day too and was in a lot of pain with my feet like I had never known. God damn lucky I was bit being bothered by anything else our I would have rung 999 and may yet need to do before long.

In the discussion I rigs him about the falsified ultrasound and that I had recorded it. Unlike the last DOCTOR DICK he took me at my word. Which if what any journal human being should do as only an idiot would allow his bluff to be called. Proving the past DOCTOR DICK IS A...DICK! Lol.

The Doctor immediately said that the reason I was not given it is because 'it is expensive'! Told you so, lol.

I have listened to the very bad bullshit for do very long I can realise the truth within minutes. Like when Doctor Dick said 'oh some people never find out what their pain is' and I replied 'Oh with modern medicine as good as it is? I find that very difficult to swallow in all honesty!' Lol.

I sent a great deal of data to a great many news media companies all over the country. There were will the major tabloids and TV News but a number of local rags too. About half a dozen a few hundred miles apart.

I just said just go and look at your nearest hospitals and group of surgeries and dig. There would be alot of people telling their horror stories in the Web too.

I was a little different because I had long since known it was going on and was recording all my appointments, meetings, phone conversations and keeping every correspondence.

Much of the stuff I posted on here they never got. I had given them four DVDs crammed full. It was not everything and more did I put everything on here.

The media have not received anything that I got SINCE I started this blog, but could have gleaned it off here though. Not have I put everything on here I have recorded either...

I have three recordings, for example, that will not be going on here. At lest not yet and but unless I get railroaded again by this GP.

Because I did not give the media everything does not mean the rest is unimportant, far from it.

Because I did not put everything I got since I started this blog on here also does not mean those are not important either.

In fact I have stated this from the beginning that what I put here, I see as enough. But the reason is purely and simply that I did but catalogue recordings and things as I should have done. Going through them all was impossible and I could not remember the bad cataloguing system I concocted.

Ergo I could not remember, could not concentrate on it nor focus on it long enough to even sort 10% of my files.

Ohh wait a minute?! I think that this is further proof to my symptoms and very long before I stumbled across Fibromyalgia?!

With that and my last few posts along with posts I will do up until the middle of January it will, or should, be abundantly clear exactly WHAT I was getting at from the beginning and WHY this blog exists at all.

Some family members showed a little surprise the other day when I explained the events I covered in my party few posts. I think they are now getting it after well this time?

Ahh but that is exactly how I wanted it as I could judge by peoples reactions that those this blog was designed to attack would likely think the same.

It was annoying that those close to be did not get it but did serve a good purpose.

I have enough people aware odd me now that I am totally confident if the blogs continued existence.

Now between January and February and with my newfound facts and a barrel load of more work I wonder if I can get one of these bone idle and lazy solicitors to finally realise that this is a case that can be easily won and that I have mixed mountains and spent years gathering to what they could but be arsed to do, despite the humungous hourly fees they command?! Tossers.

I had hoped that to prevent me wasting through the cesspit of greed and evil that a decent and honest solicitor with a passion for human rights would find me through this blog?!

Not looking good for the likelihood of a decent and honest solicitor existing just yet, lol.

I mean what with 100,000 odd visitors and rising at over 2,000 a week I must have had several solicitors visit my pages already? I bet not a single solicitor had returned to read anymore?! Lol.

NHS apologises for 'inexcusable failings' at centre for rape victims -

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