Wednesday, 26 February 2014


EDIT: I just noticed that yet again a number of posts have not bloody POSTED and added to this my keywords have all gone missing too!! Google at its most incompetent best or a didgy tablet PC?!

Yes today is not day one of the use of my bike during 2014 but in fact day 2!!

There is another quite unexpected fact about today that is unique and... TYPICAL!! I GOT WET!!

I was not supposed to get wet! As one again I trusted the Met Office weather app that stated at some point between 12pm and 3pm it would stop raining and not rain again. So I left about 12.30pm and the sub was out. I left my friends store to go down the town centre around 2pm at least. Except it was raining and gradually got heavier over the next hour!! I ended up with a Big Tasty Burger in McDonalds just to get out if the rain! It did so raining but the floors were now soaked as was the bike and it's seat!

The weather reports truly have became pointless of late and I chastise myself for relying on weather apps that are truly crap. In fact I won't be getting the five day widget I have currently as it gives you yesterday's weather?!


Still I have been on the bike two days in a row now and my thighs hurt a bit at one point, which is good. I do like to feel that strain while cycling locally. Another couple of days like and I think I an safely venture further afield to start getting some content on fauna and flora among with anything else I can track down or spot?!
I should also start heading to places a little further away and use public transport along with some careful planning.

Hopefully by the time I am up to speed with the cycling I may get some good news from elsewhere, though I doubt it!

I am of course referring to the DWP and PIP and that they should finally see the Erie of their ways and what I can now do to them?! But I am going to go with still over confident and naive to the position they are in!
Of course compliance would therefore allow me to do what I should have been able to do several years ago and that is able to give several of my boss the boost that they all need?!

But it will likely be delayed even longer no doubt.

Was reminded that two of my gears are a bit... IFFY, also my foam handlebar grips which should have been replaced last year had large amounts or mould growing out of them?! So I decided to use gloves and today while our getting wet I got a new, albeit cheap, pair of fingerless cycling gloves and a pack of black handlebar foams too.

Started watching Thor: The Dark World and then remembered I still had the bike outside and not out it away!! So I decided to bring it in the house and after the film I set about changing the handlebar grips.
All done now. Just need to get my hands on this receipt for the other tablet and then if to PC World. Which I was going to do today until I realised it was raining and I was missing a receipt!

Oh and a Doctors appointment, which I now hope will be the last one I need to have until AFTER I have attended Guy's Hospital? In fact I will be asking if I have been referred off? After all he did tell me a couple of months ago he was going to refer me. Cannot remember if he said that before or after Christmas?!
Oh well as long as it happens I do not care!
  • Never got my solar panels so god knows what happened to them.

Still awaiting one gadget that can be of help, should be here later in the week?

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