Thursday, 27 February 2014


Right this is a little test post if sorts, you could say.
While at the save time I am going to explain what happened today with another test, of sorts. Lol.
Yesterday I saw the Doctor and he raise the dosage of my Amitriptyline from 20mg to 30mg and as some will know I started on 10mg.
So today was the first day after the first dosage taken of 30mg. Follow? Lol.
This morning I was mellow. Fairly mellow and was surprised at this. Now pretty sure that I have not had these before which now begs the question how did I know the name?
I was also planning to do something else today and that was to finally replace my broken phone. As some of you know this has been broken, screen, for several weeks now and I have lost count. Many of you will also know that I did think I might have been earning a small monthly amount from Google, huh fat chance! You will also note that I have note been out on my bike three times now but only locally? Well the were several problems I had. One was that typing out on that faulty phone has been a headache from day one and typing blog posts a real nightmare. Well the screen was pretty much shattered and the crack reached three edges. Push the screen with your finger and you will feel the screen flex quite a lot. So I did wonder a great deal about having that screen in my pocket and having an accident on my bike?!
That could be calamitous.
So I was going to travel to Tesco on foot to test these pills on their new dosages and plus they said it would rain today.
I got down to the A10 and bought a drink and a chocolate bar then realised I did not have my damn wallet?! That was after going back once already for something else!! While back at home I then realised I spent more money than I thought!

Also I had one of two deliveries I was waiting for and decided to have Tescos. But then at my friends store I started to change my mind!!

Two friends were trying to talk me out of buying a phone to just pay my landlord as I would have needed to dip into my rent... damn it meant to text my landlord!! Lol!

Cut a long story short the Vodafone store did the 8GB Moto G for £100 so I bought it. Phones 4 U had it for £120 so I figured most of my big apps are on my tablet. I also have a Sony Walkman which has my music and use with a Fiio Portable amplifier. You also get 50GB Google Drive Cloud space for two years which should have me sorted.

I can tell you the screen is amazing. Especially for the money! Yes I am sure there are sharper screens but there is precious little in it. Very little.

It asked then automatically downloaded my apps which with hindsight I should not have done. But it did not run out of space oddly enough?!

I was also shocked to discover Android 4.4.2 KitKat on it out of the box and then it did a small update?! Mad.

As for the typing out of this blog it took awhile for me to realise it did not have swipe, which oddly enough the stick Android KitKat on my tablet did?!

Two stock Android devices with a slight difference. So the typing is different and better than the tablet PC but it so dues odd things! Like when I just typed out odd it have me 'I'd' which is not even a word! Lol! They really need to alter that in their coding. Only suggest alternatives that start with the same bloody letter the use started with! It's not ticket science is it?

The thing with Android and Google is that these swipe keyboards are supposed to make it easier but it is slower than a proper keyboard. Well if you can type with a damn?!

In my degree we studied HCI which Human Computer Interaction. This involves adding together all the times it takes a user to do something. You get times for each key on a keyboard that is pressed, mouse clicks timed, reading menus and just about everything you can think of. This is so businesses can rest assured that anyone coding a before system that employs the science of HCI will come up with a sleek, fast and intuitive system. Thereby saving as much time as possible which to a business is money.

So then if you consider that they try to save themselves time you can imagine that when I an wading through pages due a hidden or non existent email address or anything wise I get annoyed...

Either the morons have been Todd nothing about HCI so have a crap system done by idiots or time saving is only important to them whereas the public or customers time is unimportant because we obviously have all the time in the world and cannot live in the UK with bills and taxes coming out your backside, e ask live in a Utopia?! Lol!

Yeah I do not always explain everything in detail straight away, lol. With anything I point out is wrong I leave clues that should make people realise but then hid a few things back. Will I have mentioned HCI on here previously but did not really go into it. HCI was merely an option in my third year and I chose it. The other option was coding games using Sony systems, called Yahtzee or something similar. I did not really see it to be easy to get a career in games programming so opted for HCI. Oddly the only interview I had was as a games company which I would have got had I done the Sony modules!! Lol!
Still what is done is done.
Well typing out this post was a lot less painful than it is on the broken phone, oddly this is now my THIRD Motorola smartphone and at least fifth overall! I should get a medal... Or a free phone?! Lol.

As for the pills... very mellow. Did seen quite nice for the first few hours. Did have a headache and feel a bit sick in the afternoon so I am hoping that these do not have the same effect as 900mg of Gabapentin?!
If the feeling was down to the pills I will be bitterly disappointed as well as completely shocked to the point of saying.... BLOODY TYPICAL!!

Oops I see Google did not get the bold and italic text sorted out with that last update?! Lol! It's only text Google?! Sort yourselves out for God sake!! Even 4bit computing did not have this issue!! Lol!!

Yes to have had two drugs to actually work to the point I actually noticed prescribed to be which are also the only two drugs I have EVER HAD that have given me side effects which BOTH INCLUDE feeling sick is, or will be bloody typical!! Lol!!

Anyway at least typing posts is easier, not always ideal to pull out the Tablet PC. Plus this thing is waterproof too!!

Hopefully (did not like that word!!) by the time I need another phone the manufacturers and Google would have sure themselves out?!

Or if there was a £500 phone that I simply had to have it would also be waterproof just like this £100 phone?! Lol!

Now I do not have to have visions of a hospital I have pissed off removing large bits of glass from deep within my abdomen?! Lol.

Now I just need some decent weather as I saw a butterfly today which blew me away! Think it was a Peacock. 

Need to get fit on the bike... something else that needs replacing!! God, it's never ending!! Cheers Google!!

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