Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Whew, Phew and spit on me shoe!
Do not even ask me where that last one come from! Popped into my head and I believe it comes from somewhere in my childhood?!
In fact it opped up at the most appropriate time as it is this very thing I am posting about.
The information means data and the singularity refers to a powerful vacuum like that caused by the collapse of a super massive start tocreate a black hole. Because that is at times how I see my own mind! Unlike the simplest forms of primates like that of monkeys that like being entertained and are seen by many as playful mine is somewhat different.
In fact I have very much now read as much and very much linked to my succesful self diagnosis that explains absolutely everything to me in a ways I could never have possibly envisioned ir dreamed of hoping for?!
My mind hungers for data. Alot of it too!
But the puzzles are mostly over and that makes me...a far greater adversary than I was previously and I was and have been one hell of an adversary already! I cannot even predict every incidence or moment that I will acquire more to kiss and ever more to tell?!
Today has proved to be several very fine examples of that even if it is to my own cost it is data nevertheless.
In fact that is what should be recognised and chiefly so by all comers to my blogs as it is so much more than can be described in a mere sentence of a few careful strong together words of the world's finest of wordsmiths?!
'I have done all this for the benefit of others and done it all for free' is a line I have deliberately used semi frequently throughout the life of this blog but is such an uninspiring and not very revealing throw away line that the use of it and others like it shows just how the genius works at times.
This then leads me to today. I was looking for an excuse to cycle somewhere...ANYWHERE! It came in the form of a phonecall from a friend of mone who was and is homeless today. I asked him if all went well, it had apparently bar one tiny little detail I will approach two legal bodies over as soon as I have posted this, out if interest and curiosity and to give my friends some armaments should there be any screwing over by a solicitor. If so it will NOT end well for said solicitor and no one is beyond my reach despite removing Legal Aid from my quite curiously mere months before an avenue opens up before me to take legal action. Bah-humbug!
He wanted an aerial. Pure and simple and had visited a famous cheap store to get one bu they had none and he got told off for using that excuse for not being able to find one! Lmao! I said no worries I would leap to their aid once again and then admitted it was just an excuse to go somwhere likely further than I should right now!
I got mys act together and my bits and pieces making sure I had everything! Bridge Camera, check. Tablet PC, check. Tablets?! CHECK! Walking stick, CHECK! I moved my bike out into the front garden now complete with its now black handle bar grips that felt nice, soft and reassuringly chunky. I put on my Kata sling pack and left and got 10 yards before realising I had not umm....I have forgotten!! Anyway I came back and did, whatever it was … possibly take pills and out again! I decided to go to Poundland in Waltham Cross which is a 20 to 40 minute ride depending on how fit I am and 40 would be lucky right now! I was half way there and was feeling the strain on my thighs and calf muscles from the last two days and was three quarters of the way through a cemetary when it hit me square in the face?! No not a bus! Doughnuts and no not a dead body all you Zombie freaks! I was missing two things and I first went to look behind me to confirm but did not need to, I just KNEW they were not there!
My two bike LOCKS!!
I could now feel the strain, realised there was a bit of a head wind for the return journey and as I had just realised there was absolutely no point to my continuing on I turned about and headed home!
Now I knew already that there was no way it would be wise at all to even attempt to do it all again and go to Wlatham Cross so my brain was now calculating an alternate possibility. Bike was ruled out completely and a bus would be the order of the day and head for a different Poundland in the opposite direction to that of the first one! This is because the second one could benefit me, which it did, not. Well it did actually, but did not. It did not in the way it normally would but did something else and that is not much Blu-Rays and did not buy any but found some neoprene cases and other gadget cases in Poundland and spent £4.00 in their on stuff for me! Oh and that aerial of course, lol. I had already also acquired something else I told my old mate Tom about several years ago I need before my condition, now known to be Fibromyalgia, kills me on the bike!! A rear view mirror!! A proper bike mirrow which was in the 99p Store before going into Poundland.
I quickly scanned Asda, noted that both they and the CEX store had Thor: The Dark World for £15 on Blu-Ray but was only £12.00 or £12,99 in Sainburys?! Unusual for Asda to be dearer and taking the piss for CEX to be dearer too, especialy as I am convinced that all their new stuff is actually faulty bactches they buy up?! Well for the optical disks that is, still do not know how they get new iPhones in. Also of note is that they had no Moto G phones but then for the money they ask for scratched up junk I dare say they see no way of making any cash and still be cheaper?!
Well you just would not do it would you? Unless your re4ally naïve?! You simpoly would not go into CEX and buy new stuff at the proper retail price! So why the hell would you pay MORE FOR IT?!
I dare say that the owners of CEX must be laughing all the way to the bank?! No, all the way to the many banks they would probably need?! Oh except their store seem to be getting quieter and quieter each time I am in one! There was a time when most of the time I would queue behind a dozen people or so. I cannot remember the last time I used one and had more than two people in front of me and I am in one roughly once every fortnight!!
Though I dare say they will go running to the government for hand outs to protect lost of pointless jobs and hide the fact that it may well be that everyone has cottoned on to the owners being crafty greedy gits and exploiting kids and people with learning difficulties to make themselves rich?!
You see that there?!
You see when I see a firm or s store doing something I think of the types of people that can fall prey to it. This is what I thought than standards were for, ombudsman were for and governing bodies were for?! You see you visit here and you see what I do and of course many may say, well so what?! You should know better! I would then remind you that I have stated several times that none of this is about me and its not a personality contest. It is about right and wrong and what should and should not be allowed and how many are being paid tens of millions of punds to do nothing at all. IN fact I can go as far as saying that it is over 100 so could state 100s are being paid tens of millions of pounds each year and EACH to do nothing.
A customer, patient, victim or partner could be someone with learning difficulties. They could be disabled. They could be children?!?! They could be a combination of all these and there are many other possibilities besides!
I could be considered by many to be of a warrior class to any I battle. Whether it be intellect or whether it be physical and from my genius all the way down to my Wing Chun Kung Fu whatever the battle is I can rise to it. That is of course because I am no longer either naïve or blind to it. It was not always that way though and as a result I had some terrible things happen and I paid repeatedly in ways many could not imagine nor survive.
But is this not the point os surving? So that you can go forth and tell the tale to be told in the hope of teaching others?!
One interesting number I cannot see a way of discovering and publishing is that of the people that visit this blog who walked away thinking what utter tosh and then at some point walked stright into that I tried to forewarn about?!
Now would THAT not make an interesting list?! LOL!
But many of these people would to too obscured to be able to get the numbers up enough to show anything regarding naivety and the costs?!
But there in lies the other beautiful thing to watch out for?! Some are not so obscured! In fact some are even proved to be fully aware f the situiation and comparisons and number can be fully aplied to show results! It is really that simple!
So today I got back to my friends place and gave him the aerial and I had a cup of tea and then was off... my Doctors appointment!!
Interesting one this one! I had two things to ask him but then something hit me square in the face while I was sitting there!! Not not his stethoscope, nor his bloody probe!!
We were chatting and I asked him about upping my Amitriptyline and he did just that. But I needed many others besides as they were now all low so I then stated that they must have my Medical Notes by now and he looked at his monitor and said 'No'?! @it is not cokming up as being received'?! When I stated that this was now quite unusual he stated that it takes a long time before I explained that I had done this a few times and 6 weeks was thus far the maximum. He also seemed surprised four weeks ago when they had not arrived and now did not seem that surprised and as most regular visitors to here know full well the hairs will start standing to attention on something being markedly different to last time?!
But he decided to write the prescrioption for all the other drugs anyway so not much of a drawback but I am now finding this quite odd nevertheless! December the 4th 2013 was the day I registered or may have even been the date of the first appointment?! So I may have resgistered in November 2013?! I would have to check, or you can on here which is the beauty of the blog as once it is a year old visitors can be back and check the progress, see when I asked for things, was promised things and anything else and then see for themselves. So we are roughly at the twelve week period or a few days short of it.
Where could they be?!
Then I remembered something important! Davey Boy! Went something like...
'Hey, Doc? I just remembered I DO have a question for you....I have a friend and we were talking one day and we talked about pills we were taken because of our ailments. First of all he shocked me because he showed my Oxycodone tablets and I asked him how in the world he got them! Secondly he was on Tramadol and I showed him my pills. I asked him how many he was on and he stated he was on the maximum daily amount your allowed and I said, what 200mg?! He replied, no 400mg! Now Doc here in lies my issues with both people meant to be professional and the NHS. You DO NOT LIE, you took AN OATH! Yet the first Doctor to prescribe Tramodol stated that 100mg was the maximum daily allowance! When I changed to my LAST GP I asked to try something else and he asked me about upping the dose of Tramadol?! I stated that I was already at the maximum which I had been told was 100mg per day. He stated that this was not the maximum amount and that the REAL maximum amount was 200mg daily?! Now I find out someone I know is on 400mg a day?!”
He states in his reply that the maximum allowed daily dose is indeed 400mg daily!!
You see in my recordings I do not need to lead, I simply have to allow them to talk and they do the rest for me! Recording someone because you think they are not doing their jobs correctly is viable and is proof. That is is and that is all! I do not put words in people's mouths and they are not I repeat NOT allowed to lie!! END OF!!!
But as you also see on here legal people have a very warped view of the law and laws were invinted to promote morals and stop selfish immoral actions.
So is everyting in it that lets this happen and all those associated with it, but hey there is always the upping and offering of over-inflated and non-sustainable salaries to keep amoral people in a moral industry happy and their traps very much SHUT?!
What we have here is a failure to communicate that would have Stephen Hawkings blush!
What we also have here is yet another lie by that last GP!! COOLIOS!!
With any endeavour it can be different and in some cases it may be the journey that is all important while at other times it is the destination. This blog actually switches between the two and for 18 months it is the journey as it wil be for the next 6 months. After that it will shift ever so slightly!
That left me with the last on the list for the day. Had he referred me off or had he changed his mind and gone back to what he orginally stated in that he will only refer me off once I had been tested for everything?! Would he alter it and state that he will not refer me until he had at least looked at my medical records?!
'SO have you referred me of, Doc, or waiting for my records to turn up?' was put to him and he replied with 'No, no that is done. I referred you off to Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital.'
My insatiable hunger for data and information is beginning to roar into life once again and being pestered by a small fly squadron has had me raise an eyebrow for the next six months approaching.
Convergence is a wonderful thing!
HMM my BLOGGER seems to be having issues yet again?! SPOOKY!!

EDIT: By the way telling my two friends that my MEDICAL RECORDS had still not turned up from the 4th December was met with squnity eyes and mount and a...


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