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EDIT: I just noticed that yet again a number of posts have not bloody POSTED and added to this my keywords have all gone missing too!! Google at its most incompetent best or a didgy tablet PC?!

DOUBLE EDIT: Since I typed this out last night I have started to doubt about exchanging my Tegra Note Tablet for something else as the only thing more powerful than this one, now I have tested, significantly enough to notice is that Octa-Core Samsung at around £550! Also of note is that AMazon is awash with Octa-Core tablets of different models but that we in the UK have...ONE?!

I assure you that this link is NOT ME!

Thought I would have a look to see if others are having issues? I mean I have now had four out of four faulty ones and it remains to be seen if the fifth working one stays that way for at least two months?!

I myself cannot take the chances and will have to exchange this one. Due to the losing of documents and written texts and the primary reason for having this is to do what I am doing right now!!

The odd freeze up when playing a game is no big deal but still annoying but losing data I have written is simply not on! Had anyone in any review ever stated that certain devices could not be recommended for business users then I would have looked into why. I probably would have gone for a laptop, oops went a bit mad there for a minute! I inadvertently hit the palm detection button and it stated typing gibberish?! I thought I was back using the shite Motorola Atrix for a moment?! Lol! Seems you cannot use the swipe keyboard when the palm detection button is activated! Took me awhile to figure that one out I thought I had long pressed on a keyboard key and changed the input language?!

Anyway, I digress! Yes trouble with small laptops are two fold. First off it does not matter who the manufacturer is they are made like utter crap and look like they belong in Toys R Us?! Also and more often than not they use those totally atrocious Intel Atom processors which are totally inadequate and a complete rip off to consumers of one of the worst kinds in history!!

They deliberately made a slow and inadequate single core chip too sell, probably bribe, manufacturers into putting into portable laptops and were likely so expensive they had to use cheap nasty plastic to manufacture a portable PC!!

Now what I find a bit odd is I have seen smartphones and tablets advertised with Intel's Atom processor and yet there is no mention of them being slow?!

Of course this could be down to Microsoft and their bloated and badly coded Windows OS but nevertheless the were two technologies that should NEVER have paired up?!

When I see second hand laptops of this size I simply cannot bring myself to but one no matter how cheap. In fact I have spent the last two years trying to fix some owned by members of a mates family and still have one here! I keep telling him I do not have a magic wand. These things always seem to be OK when you first but them, though not to me they don't, but I'd you do not watch what you are doing and keep losing things on there it will call down regularly and become laboriously slow!! Dell make the laptops, might be a HP one, and they have been here over 6 times each laptop in the last 18 months!!

In fact that is why I went for a tablet PC!! I am more used to Windows but XP is too old and fisher pricey and Windows 8 is Windows H8 and crap no matter how many versions they do!! There also send to be the fact that they have neglected gaming with the DirectX probably trying to force people to purchase XBONES?! Sorry any of the X Boxes as since their launch the DirectX API has been neglected now that I think about it?!
Funny how all these companies perform these tricks until it blows up in their faces and they will then blame everyone else except themselves! They just cannot do it, it is so hilarious!! They completely forget those that out then where they are and start treating them as metre canon fodder?! Ask of them!!

Quite how it works that when they have a little bit of money and trying to build up there are all nice and all ears and giving you what you want and ask for.

But then they get to the top and have all the money and they turn into rabid animals in the fact that they behave the way an animal does when it is starving to death!!

It is the complete reverse of how it should go and there is only one factor that comes into play that makes any sense...
...a bunch of people who want to make money during on their arses on the basis of others who already have more cash than anyone could hope to spend, on anything actually tangible that is, who are so greedy they now want to increase the profit margins ten fold?! Because millions each year is not enough they want billions!!

Now I starred that those Atom processors were used in this houris little plastic laptops? A shockingly underpowered chip forced onto struggling manufacturers by Intel and how much are Intel worth?! Now how much do Intel make each year?!

If you do not know the answer to those last two questions then I strongly suggest you go and look it up! They got a shock recently when, guessing here but only out by a billion or two Lol, their $5 Billion each year became $3 Billion and laid off a load of staff?!

But on the Internet if you go to any tech forum and mention the letters AMD you will get shot down in flames by idiots that do not understand what they are taking about because being shown bigger numbers add the only visible difference makes son the difference?!

This is also true of several magazines that should know better too. One particular magazine is called Custom PC, which I bought from day one because it was about building PCs for gaming. I built an SLI PC as soon as the tech was available and with a RAIDED array of hard drives off the Western Digital Raptor variety, yes I know what I am doing desire what some day behind my back who have far too big EGOS, LOL!
Two months or more later Custom PC did an article on this and how tricky it was?! Was it? Hmm I did not think so, but still.

Now I won't buy one because now they talk utter drivel in it and are biased. They also seem to have forgotten what they started out as...

A new chip that contains a graphics chip within it veer similar to that in the PS4 and XBone has been launched and made by the same company as the console chips. After running down every single chip that AMD had manufactured for the past two years they kind of did the same again, though not as bad. I was waiting to see what their reaction was to this as I had stated for sometime that they should be smarter than they have been. The trouble with making obviously biased statements is many can normally figure out why you said them?! They gave scores of 82% for the faster chip, if I remember correctly, and a much lower score for the other. But then mention another in the article they seem to prefer but have no score for?! It is a having chip for a budget which you can make faster by pairing the chip up with a cheap graphics card. Except the magazine fails to explore this feature which is primarily for gaming. Everyone says how amazing the chip is and what it can do and that it can only get better. Well except Custom PC magazine who claimed it was all pie in the sky and likely would not materialise?! Except that all the consoles use similar chips?! Meaning it was highly likely these things would come out! Meaning they also do not understand the gaming industry! Because gaming coders are airways looking for more power and more graphics features because they like to push the envelope! Of we would all still be using PS Ones and not XBox Ones!!

They then put the cherry on the BAKEWELL tart when they said if you still want to do CPU intensive tasks, like encoding mp3s, you should use an Intel chip costing a lot more money with a far inferior graphics chip?! Yeah I do not think people are going to spend upwards of £600 on a PC so the latest music album they just bought down the high road encodes 6 seconds faster than it would have done with an AMD processor?!
Instead they should have starred how promising it looks and how good it would be of they could bring out a more powerful one or one with two more CPU cores in it making six cores with that GPU and this would truly be a very nice chip?!

No it was all misery and doom!

Well if I was not convinced that Intel were lining their pockets or sending them free CPUs before I certainly think like this now!! As many have found out the hard way, my opinion is my opinion.... until such a time I can set about proving I am right or someone else kindly does it for me?! Lmao!

I cannot remember a time I last bought that magazine. Since the magazine was bought out our taken over by someone called Bit-Tech is when it all started leading to one side, or listing.

Also and I am sorry but you are not tech heads if you become biased. That is as simple as that! In fact you have advertised yourselves as not being tech heads. Because you failed to see that someone attempted to produce a new technology and give credit where credit is due. There simply was not an incidence whereby AMD APUs or CPUs rendered games unplayable. But it was most certainly implied. At the same time there was NEVER a mention of the benefits that could come if games coders decided to capitalise on this new technology. But you stated to the contrary and decided to go with blue.

I would like to have been a fly on the wall when the news broke that the CPUs to be used in the next gen consoles were not going to be blue but instead the green of the AMD APUs?!

Ohh that must have hurt, unless you did not realise what was coming that is?! But surely you did after ask the being you did?! I mean you came across as the authoritative voice on gaming tech and then the the biggest names completely disagreed with you and went with those that you were bashing!!

Hmm that makes me think of a question?! I would genuinely like to know the answer to!

Does anyone know if Custom PC is still a games oriented magazine?! I mean they do a gaming section now that suggests that they do! They did not do this when the first went into publication and it was obvious then what the magazine was, gaming oriented. Just that whenever I do pouch it up for a giggle at the bashing, curious to whether you have stopped sucking in Intel's lollipop or just want to see if there is anything interesting to read I always get confused as to what it is you are these days?! Lol!

One day they might get back to that they were?!

Or maybe someone will go and do a new publication based on what they were in the beginning?!


In all honest my brother spent years buying HIFI magazines. He was right into his HIFIS and more often than not it was What Hifi Magazine. I myself featured skiing with my custom made mountain bike in What Mountain Bike Magazine.

I was into the Hifi stuff too but I remember one day after years there was a news report, cannot remember if it was a tabloid or TV, and it stated the magazines articles and reviews were all now in question as journalists had been taking sweeteners/money/gifts or whatever it was at the time to praise someone's product over another!

My brother was gutted and myself and a mutual friend stated how it was talking the absolute piss to charge the money they do for the magazines and then lie to you and take a cut off the money your about to spend under a completely false or biased review!!

This tablet I have here was either completely IGNORED, like on Channel 5's the gadget show giving the impression that only the three they covered were all that existed and WRONG, or was given absolutely glowing reviews.

But how have I managed to receive FOUR OUT OF FOUR FAULTY DEVICES and yet not a single one reviewed did the same thing?!

You just cannot trust anything anymore even opinions you pay money for and no one had an ounce of honour anymore or certainly agree bloody hard to find anyone with any honour or decency?!

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