Friday, 28 February 2014


Compared to the billions of pounds being found about in the media Willy-nilly the £2 Million writes for businesses devastated by the flooding sends bloody paltry!

Even I for once refer to one figure in the new being too small!!

That is utter madness and it has just occurred to me that the previous post regarding a report about half a million homes being in negative equity was now far too premature?!

This is because the flooding is going to have a devastating effect on God knows how many homes?!

I am just now wondering if I have caught the news being used here red handed?!

I find it simply astonishing that the previous reports about negative equity is published when another half a million homes were flooded for weeks on end! Plus you have sinkholes appearing all over the place too!
It is also so bloody raining!

So strange that they would release that figure now when it is obvious the figure could leap by a fair old percentage over the next few weeks?!

A case of getting a figure out before it gets a lot worse?! Lol!

£2m fund for flood-hit tourism firms

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