Friday, 28 February 2014


I could not resist this one!

Truth is that this is true for all politicians, or a very large majority of, that have been in power for the last twenty years.

In fact this previous attitude of doing things that won't get found out about until it is to late to do anything needs to stop. Stop now and big names need to be made an example of and the beans spilled towards the two culprits.

After all it has happened now after the BBC paedophile ring fiasco with Jimmy Savile and others! Well I say that bit you do have to wonder how many have gotten away with it and will get away with it?!

If we can do it with celebrities then why not politicians and owners of evil companies?!

Set out as you mean to carry on with a set of examples?!

I said it from day one and every day since, time to reset the clock, level the playing field and make laws available to all human beings!

Those that cannot commit to the most basic human rights do not deserve to hold public office either those that do our those to come.

Nightmares may be 'health warning'

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