Wednesday, 26 February 2014


EDIT: I just noticed that yet again a number of posts have not bloody POSTED and added to this my keywords have all gone missing too!! Google at its most incompetent best or a didgy tablet PC?!

Hmm did not occur to me to wonder who was in the data connection for the car industry?

Well it seems it was Microsoft, surprisingly, and now they have been dropped, unsurprisingly, in favour of a technology owned by Research In Motion who actually own Blackberry, QNX who I had not heard of until I read this report!

Well that its a surprise to see RIM chosen showing there is still life in the old dog yet?!

Oddly I desperately need a phone but does not have to be an Android phone. It won't be an Apple phone and likely not Windows either. I would like to but a Windows phone but until greedy  and give idle board members stop thinking they fecking know better about everything purely because they got lucky.

I must admit if I was in the market for a new car, not likely right now but could be in a couple of months.

Ford to Drop Microsoft for QNX on Future Versions of Sync - Motor Trend -

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