Friday, 28 February 2014


As to the remark I made in my last post here is the link to the BBC News report that made me think it.

That bus services for the old and disabled are for the chop. Meaning that orrery son so any of you will be doing with Council Tax is paying their wages!

Also just as I find out that I should be getting help from the Dial vehicles, as read in my Fibromyalgia booklet, they are going to get shot of them?!

Throughout my life it has always worked out this way. Like some harbinger of doom each time I achieve something or attempt something whatever it is goes out of business, out of fashion, out of order, goes bust, gets cut or crashes for the first time in history?! Lol.

Well that is why I thought I was in a very unique position to tell a very unique story. From it I hope I manage to achieve the fish that many others have spent millions of not billions of pounds failing at. Look around you, this that disagree, and simply prove it. I an referring to organisations that are masquerading as help organisations but are nothing of the kind and are merely self help organisations and not very descriptive nor very good at it!

I have spent years going through the worst horrors and in around 5 months time would have spent two years describing how I survived them along with how I did it without proper help or support! Alone!

So I have written the greatest self help book that could possibly be written and it is not quite over just yet.

Elderly 'could lose bus services'

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