Friday, 28 February 2014


I do not know what it is like in countries outside the UK but here everything has been a joke for sometime now and just getting worse.

The dipping into the public's taxes has been on criminal proportions for some time now. Only now we have been in the toughest period for what seems like bloody years... oh wait?! It fecking has been bloody years!! Lol!! Yes now all this that were doing it previously see no problem doing it again. I can imagine the conversation that goes on between there evil and evil incarnate sides of their minds?!

'No it's fine, we always use the cash, why would there be any problem now? No I know that no one has any money but that due not mean they have no money! I mean when I have no money it means I only have one million left! I used to have 5 and 10 even but I am down to just one!'


Now let us take British Telecom? They were once huge. Very huge! Likely the biggest and richest company in the UK once upon a time? But they were the first company to make a mistake of thinking they were to big to fail. They also left all the existing technology... well if you can call it that but twisted pair wiring which was the bare essentials you needed to carry a voice, albeit at a low quality.

Along came cable and the stated screaming foul like such pigs!! I cannot remember if they got a load of tax payers money back then for being narrow minded, lack of forward thinking, greedy, lazy twats or not I cannot recall.
I seem to recall them complaining they were taken by surprise. They were hated by most and liberty so are? In fact I spoke to someone a few months so who took then to court and successfully so who told me a young worker took his own life because of the stress of working for them?!


I simply hate hearing things like that as it makes me want to bring back burning at the stake! Especially when your told they did not bat an eyelid or give a crap?!

But here is a BBC News report starting that they have received a fair amount of monopoly money from the government! I think I will refer to the public purse as monopoly money as this is how they treat it now! Except when it comes to poor and disabled people as suddenly money is harder to find than Rocking Horse Manure!!

I mean I had a plan from day one but I would be attacked, assaulted, defrauded, money removed illegally and immorally and let without a home several times. Quite how the morons think you are suppose to go out and do as they order you too I just do not know!

Of course this is true even leaving out the fact I have Fibromyalgia, vomiting, dodgy back and groin! It is not doable and that is the end of it. No ifs or buts. To build a house you need a solid foundation, though looking at odd news bulletins of late I wonder if the solid foundations have been overlooked?! Lol!
You cannot remove help, take help away and refuse help and then day your helping our being fair! I can see the two faces of the devil no matter how hard he tried to hide!

Now along with this new story there is one other I want to post about and was looking for that when I found this one.

Delay BT broadband cash bid - MPs

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