Wednesday, 26 February 2014


EDIT: I just noticed that yet again a number of posts have not bloody POSTED and added to this my keywords have all gone missing too!! Google at its most incompetent best or a didgy tablet PC?!

Well of course when you are evaluating the National Health Service it would be naturally preposterous to take into account the number of deaths and the numbers should be ignored?!

When you assess the Fire Brigade you ignite the building that have burnt to the ground?!

When your assessing an Airlines safety record you ignore the number of plains that have crashed?!

When sitting in judgement in a murder trial for a serial killer you ignore 90% of the people he had killed?!
When assessing a teacher you ignite the number if students that have failed?!

When judging the government you ignite the number of breaches of human rights that have been committed while throwing the proverbial book at someone stealing for his family?!

Like when I attempt to do so the things I do in pain and do it piece meal and without hero and kits of bloody rude and unhelpful people out there and being used abused and told the wrong health diagnosis and being lied to for over 13 years, yes you cannot even say you felt like breaking someone's jaw?! Despite others attacking organisations and sending death threats for experiencing a great deal less than me?!

I have been getting it all wrong all these years?!?!


NHS death rates 'should be ignored'

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