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Dear Sirs

Dr John Gubbay
Abernethy House Surgery
Silver Street

This is a breakdown report of complaints about both the GP named above and the running of the National Health Service

Despite my many correspondences over this previously they have yet to garner a single response so I am laying out a statement of intent along with a complete breakdown of the above Doctor along with the two previous Doctors all within a 1.5 MILE Radius of my home.

I suggest you pay close attention. Also note beforehand that Dr Gubbay loves to type away at his keyboard while you are trying to talk to him which is rude if I am honest and makes him appear to not be paying attention and completely distracted.

John Gubbay

  1. When I first met him I requested being changed from Tramadol to something better. He asked how many I was taking and I said 100mg daily and he said well why don’t I just raise it to 200mg? I answered that I thought the maximum daily amount was 100mg as that was what my last GP told me! I had a reserve of Tramadol after a month I noticed was half what it was, I told Dr Gubbay I was getting the wrong amounts and he said I was wrong. Well turns out HE was wrong and he had NOT changed my dosages on the system?! Odd as he types like a bat out of hell and I should know I am BSc Applied Computing!
  2. I discovered that my medical records have been altered, falsified and had certain things BOTH added and REMOVED?! AS this was handed to me by the GP when I saw him next I told him the Medical Records were fake and who would be able to do this and he answered “why are you asking me that?” and I answered “well I thought you would have a better idea than my postman?!”
  3. I was referred to a Neurologist, Dominick Mort, who I passed in the main hallway of Chase Farm Hospital and he did a double take when I walked by him and I knew he was Dominick Mort despite never having met him before. This means that he has seen a picture of me and I am unaware of the NHS keeping pictures or patients?! I pointed out to him when it did turn out to be him that I somehow KNEW he was Dominick Mort and he remembered passing me. I was lied to over the test and I was lied to about the process of the tests which were amazingly negative.
  4. I am prescribed Gabapentin by a separate Doctor not linked to this and told they are for Neurological Pain only and have it explained ow they work. Only when Doctor Gubbay states that I do NOT have a NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER, despite three others stating that I do and I also have Restless Leg Syndrome which makes him WRONG, I put to him 'but the Gabapentin ARE working which is the first ever drug in twelve years to have any effect whatsoever on my foot pains?” He replies that I knew to be bullshit immediately “Oh Gabapentin is just a painkiller!” which has been lambasted on the Internet by a great many people and also a local NURSE I know!
  5. The most stand out complaint though and one that will force me not to return to his surgery so that I do not punch his lights out, despite how he may deserve it for being an arrogant, cold, cocky and ignorant TWAT is that when he referred me to Kings Oak BMI Healthcare in Chase Farm Hospital I was seen by a Darren Francis. He thought there was no hernia in my groin and I THOUGHT there was no hernia in my groin.
    a) I had ultrasound where the chap found the area of pain that was a large black patch and he had no idea what it was. He also scanned the other side he found a hernia. Martin Klein had stated it was weak that side and I would need a SECOND mesh inserted, that was four years ago!
    b) Prior to going back to Darren Francis for the prognosis I told family and friends I was dreading being told they would have to operate on my entire groin and that I would be off my feet for months?!
    c) When I saw Mr Francis he said 'yup happy to tell you ultrasound showed nothing'?! When I pointed out that he must be speaking about a different scan to the one I attended he fumbled around, stutter, looked nervous and then picked up his ancient dicta-phone and dictated a NEW LETTER to my GP?! HE LIED!!
    d) When I FINALLY SAW my GP after him being on his ninth holiday in last than a year which itself was very suspicious I told him that the letter he received was not the original letter they intended and why. He then said 'What are you talking about your ultrasound was clear?!' Confused I looked at the screen and sure enough it seems he, or they, decided to BIN the NEW LETTER dictated in front of me and send the original one. When I explained what REALLY happened I was accused of being MAN and paranoid so I had to then DIVULGE a couple of things that I had not wanted to purely because I do not TRUST ANYONE. I told Dr Gubbay that he should not worry because I have an audio recording of Darren Francis admitting that I did have a hernia and the dictation of the second letter clearly stating that I DO have a hernia! He said 'what do I want to listen to that for?!' and totally dismissed this evidence and started pressurising about me seeing a Psychiatrist.
  6. Oddly enough I tried to resent to him a X-Ray of my back I had done privately that showed two problems with my back and he immediately said 'what do I want to look at that for?' and everything he says is in a sarcastic tone so I replied 'well maybe because your my DOCTOR?!' to which he obviously thought he was a great deal smarter than me when he replied 'BUT I am NOT a back specialist!' to which I replied 'well neither was my LAST GP but she REQUESTED that I bring it in and closed her practice immediately taking the private X-Ray with her?!'
  7. When I said I wanted to complain about the fact I was being lied to he said 'why are you telling me this?! You need to go back to the hospital and tell the reception at BMI Healthcare!'. No mention of the PALS service, nor the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman nor National Institute of Clinical EXCELLENCE and neither did he mention the General Medical Council?! No just the two receptionists at BMI Healthcare?!

Now the trouble with intelligent people, well IF they are intelligent to begin with, that have letters after their name is sometimes, and most definitely THIS TIME, they get confused and think that certain letters trump all else.

They also stereotype certain individuals too and in this instance it was absolutely clear that this is what happened. I lost count of the number of times he was rude and arrogant and spoke down to me and as if he was intelligent and I was stupid. He was important and I was not!

I have changed Doctors twice already while living at the same address and now I have to do it again. If I do not the next time I see Doctor John Gubbay I WILL end up breaking his jaw and the only person who will pay for that is me! Well in the beginning anyway but it will not end up like that in the end I can assure you.

Now this little bit is important and let us start off by getting one thing perfectly clear, I do not reveal all my cards, never have and never will. Despite the embarrassment, anger, frustration and the NHS making it look abundantly clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that they really do NOT CARE about human life and only the money...I STILL DO NOT REVEAL ALL MY CARDS!

What I am trying to say, as so many with letters after their names seem to be extremely hard of hearing, is that I am NOT SHOWING YOU all of my cards.


Yes that would mean that while Mr Darren Francis was pretending to dictate a new letter for my benefit he was himself actually being RECORDED at the time.

I have been doing this a very long time and with a great deal of meetings I have had and trust me on this, Dr Gubbay will likely say a few things in his defence about OTHER things I went on to say about myself to make me look mad...


I also told him that my very own DAUGHTER is currently in a big court battle that she is winning and because of my help, plus I was recording the COUNCIL and DWP using a series of smart phones. He was not interested in another thing in my defence yet again and despite him stat8ing that he knows bugger all about backs and nothing about bureaucracy in the NHS he was suddenly a Psychiatric expert and made his mind up immediately and needed no proof?!

By the way Doctor Cody of the Psychiatric unit at Silver Street in Enfield knows me only too well and the last time I saw her, I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder that has not flared up in a number of years despite what Dr Gubbay will state, she said 'Martin, why do you keep coming back here? Have you not noticed that you are not like the others in the waiting room? Your saner than I am you just have an Anxiety Disorder and with your life it is little wonder and surprising you do not have more than that!'

Doctor Gubbay was also not interested not only in the diagnosis of Dr Cody, I gave him her name and pointed out she was two doors along from him, but despite the fact that his finger-tips are permanently glued to the keys on his keyboard he was unwilling to look up this letter from Doctor Cody on his monitor screen.

All in all rather odd and rather offensive behaviour for the titles of Doctor and National Health Service, is it not?!

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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