Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I have witnessed an interview with someone from Twitter answering done very awkward questions on Newsnight on BBC 2.

The BBC interviewer shockingly but highly impressively reprimanded the representative for basically running through her own Curriculum Vitae.

He also stated that one woman with a Twitter account complained of threats of rape and a Twitter manager blocked her?!


He also accused her of just spouting corporate rubbish and this is EXACTLY what I have repeatedly stated all along.

These companies, all American, are obsessed with money, power and control and it had gone to their heads asks all suffer God Complexes! Funny how it is now it is all coming out?! Lol.

Also just as piss taking is when asked if a higher representative is willing to come to Britain and answer questions rio deal with their inaction over abuse towards people and their safety.

So just like Google, Amazon and Starbucks over corporate tax avoidance then?

The problem is that these companies all focus too much on money and growing as fast as they can and ignore things until they get out of hand and the online giant becomes a monster you cannot control.

This really only shows that things have been implemented badly and they got lucky then caught up in growing and money and not about pitfalls and users concerns and safety.

It is also concerning that even just the higher echelons of these organisations, not just owners or board, can ignore authorities and even governments because they now have still that cash and power?!

More worrying is that once this truth if their attitudes comes about then I believe that any organisation that behaves like this should be dealt with by the people, the masses, and taught a lesson. Everyone should cancel their accounts to get the message across. But they won't, because they are trying to achieve the same thing but using Twitter to do it.

Even on the blogging and web site owners are shown all these figures and graphs with the hope that eagle eyed and power hungry people will scan them to see what it is that attracts the most visitors...

...ooh wait is that not just like the TV News then?! Ooh and the tabloids which are now 70% gossip column on the celebrities?!

It is a sad fact that it is we, the PEOPLE, that creates these giants who then cut us loose and dunno in us from a great height?!

They decide to ignore in others that which they themselves would in no way accept! Whatever happened to the saying...

Treat others in the way you yourself would want to be treated.


Do unto others as they would do unto you!

I would have to sit down and focus and think very hard into my past to pinpoint a time when someone was not only familiar with the word reciprocation but actual practiced it in response to things I did for them?!

One particular one was extremely one sided it became ridiculous.

This had also happened with auk the people I have attacked on here...

My data was provided in parts to help a great deal of organisations to achieve certain things. I even helped our medical professionals in the NHS on a regular basis and was sought after for it. Something my current GP is going to feel somewhat stupid about if and when he ever finds out over our current statement I am now but prepared to let go of, lol.

So it appears that the online problem I have cheered about for do long now seems to be coming to the fore?!

Hopefully now this will be the beginning of long overdue kicking of arses. Authorities also need to stand their ground and put their foot down when it is these overseas companies.

I hate to have to about this but many American organisations are becoming very aloof which then turns to nasty, selfish, power mad and then a God complex and thing they are a law into themselves. Somehow when you have money the laws of their own countries and that of others no longer applies to them. Oddly poor people, working or not now find that the law is NOT AVAILABLE TO THEM?!

How do I get this across strong enough to hit home? Well...


I cannot emphasize this enough. Just because governments think that Arab countries have far less available to them does not equate to the same risings that have give on there to not take place at home!

There is always a key number that is always a majority number and one which cannot be fought against or stopped because of being outnumbered.

Hopefully things will improve but to improve things it needs s bunch of people that think they are always right, deserving, cut above the rest of humanity to actually perform a load of actions to stop the shit going on, holds their hands up in a way that IS sincere and not a bad attempt to be sincere and be...


I am not sure this is entirely possible and among with not having a capable bone in their bodies and a backbone made out of jelly have it in them to do such honourable things.

Could they behave in such a way that the people would STOP...and take notice?! Could they use the right words and the actions to stop the crap and make a genuine gesture towards the injustices suffered?

Could they do this in such s way that there is no doubt in the peoples mind that they DO mean this and WILL change things for the better. So much so that the people will feel confident again in such a way that they start to spend money that gets the economy going again?

Could they make a sure by CORRECTING and REVERSING things done to people innocent in all this and had money taken away that was being spent and had to be didn't by disabled people?

Do they possess the fibres and soul that have compassion for the time already passed by and the nightmare it had been and making a promise with a token gesture that goes along way with the pubic?!

Are they capable of compassion when not leaving their children in s public house without noticing they were missing?!

My daughter had been missing for 19 years and not a day goes by when I do not notice that she had been missing for every single day in all the nineteen years!

I am not sure that they do.

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