Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Well sadly a group of DISABLED people lost a court case over bedroom tax.

This was at s High Court.

Does this mean that judges need to be feared and looked at?

To be honest of all the things I have been wrapped up in and gathered evidence on judges are not one.

Despite one ongoing right now with my daughter that has already chalked up 6 court appearances at a minimum and possibly one or two more now had another in September and this started in 2012 so I can't comment.

Other than this I have not come face to face with many judges in a court room and one wrongful arrest did not involve a judge and the last was actually involving my daughter who would have been around three at the time.

In fact the while court case currently revolves around the fact that the Social Services got out wrong, conspired and then covered up ever since that court date 17 years ago!

That was just one court appeared and they faked to react not only on my concerns and accusations but also upon their own evidence realised on the day by the barrister.

Go figure! You cannot make this shit up with public offices, you really can't, lol.

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