Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Now this is quite it really is unbelievable!

After someone had been arrested for the rape threats who bloody moron goes and makes bomb threats?!

I mean forgetting the fact that these people are sad misguided twats they go and use the worst possible word you could use on the Internet in a threat?! So close to the report yesterday and the Newsnight program featuring social media threats?!

I cannot help thinking that it is just done oddballs or people with mental health issues or just attention seekers trying to get attention?!

Unless these have been going in awhile in which case just what the FECK have Twitter been playing at?

I said before that these companies have surged ahead and all they can see in their peripheral vision are dollar or pound signs. I also stated several times that this works give to no good and they the government have ignored and ignored and ignored it and when requested to do something about this runaway crap you can bet they were cocky about it in the House if Commons. Not so cocky now though?! But while typing thief I myself have realised they there would be another aspect to all this...

..people with mental health problems of an aggressive and violent nature have the ability to rile or threaten anyone. There alone was one very good reason to do something about it. I also cannot believe that there have not been a deluge of complaint of how private companies have treated their customers?

I would live to be the one to throw the book at them and gone up with rules and regulations to make them stop every doing it again, lol.

Female journalists face bomb threats

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