Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I feel strongly about this one myself.

Other than the obvious fact of escaping physical pain, mental suffering, misery or any combination thereof I have another take on this.

I find this stance so utterly strange when everything else under the sun can be done to an individual that causes the most unbelievably horrific thoughts, feelings and pain and you have no rights and no access to law to stop the culprits from doing this!

So how is it that the law suddenly LEAPS INTO ACTION with this subject?!

You can be repeatedly kicked, defrauded, attacked, stabbed in the back, left in pain  left in limbo and left on the gutter and homeless as well as being lied to by Doctor's and Hospitals and you cannot do JACK and no one cares but wants to help. But take your own life is a no-no?!

It is no different to saying 'no, you have to stay here and take all the shut treatment you get, take the stress, take the pain, watch people you love living a nightmare and you just have to such it up! You have no rights either to put a stop to being treated like garbage and we have been extremely good at removing every escape route too!'

I have thought this way for so very long and when I re-started many things that were left dormant in my life to get answers to questions I tried to Durer many years I knew two things...

1) That I would not find out anything and but be diagnosed or treated.

2) That I was going to do all that with this right to die being repeatedly refused as I journeyed along my path.

Indeed and I can tell you right here and right now is that one of the just of things I have insinuated at which was an intention was that as my journey would reveal things to everybody little by little, our indeed many by many lol, that with each week it would make the while system and law look more and more pointless as well as contradictory in nature to make the government, and previous governments, look utterly incompetent and the system exposed for the absolute joke it is.

Oddly enough I do wonder whether or not the faction behind this, like the loonies in America, that this is driven by a faction who follow something which had been obvious to everyone but them not only does not exist but not possible...RELIGION!

Everyone had always harped on about tolerance levels and you're right to believe but for the love of....ZEUS, get a grip! You cannot force things upon people or make or keep laws based on religious beliefs or factions any more?!

It is forcing and manipulation and besides this there are bloody loads odd religions your cannot cater for them all!

The human race really needs to sort itself out and start to be more grown to and mature about things. Unfortunately I know I won't live long enough to see this happen, lol.

Hmm my phone had been slowing down a great deal last couple of days especially posting on Blogger?!

Right-to-die campaigners lose battle

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