Tuesday, 30 July 2013


OK well I have referred to it enough times and thought it would be a little entertaining as well as informative, I hope, to show you how I watch the numbers. Without it being too complicated.

Also that with about 8 hours to go my figure for the day is 250 and I thought that interesting indeed. Sometimes I get these odd days with biggish views and it will be interesting to see what it does by tonight when most of Europe is getting home from work and going online?!

Also I realised what a nice place that both I and all my blogs will be in once the daily average is 1,000 per day?!

What I found interesting is how long it took to get the numbers up to trigger that Google Adsense confirmation letter and I thought now I have that it will only by somewhere between 4 to 12 weeks now to get the first payment via that. It took so long I got bored and reduced the ads and but on others through Affiliate WIndow, Linkshare and someone else but despite quadrupling the amount of clicks, meaning Google Adsense it literally CRAP, no one bought anything out of 40 to 60 clicks on just Affiliate Window?! Not a penny?!

So you see not only did I have a goof finger on the pulse of the UK Economy beforehand but now and as do many others authors now have en even bigger insight to the economy.

Governments still do not have a clue thought despite expecting all of their wages, perks and anything else they get for free through us for doing sweet F.A!

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