Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Hmm I want to day more about this one but am too tired, lol.

Might come back and edit this but it is very bad sport for a solicitors because they are decent and stick the the letter of sorry cannot type that and keep a straight face!

Still looking fire an honest, decent, compassionate and honourable law firm who believe in justice and human rights and but whether they can but their new Jaguar with their fees as their only concern?!

Will if they did but think like that we would but be in the mess we are in. It is a team effort and I have nicknamed them the iTEAM, putting the 'i' back in TEAM, LOL.

Fellow back scratchers all in a line who now won't admit it was them and refuse to do anything about it and want the people they lied to to get in power to pay for it while they lie and Blane these people for it?! Their only crime was believing their BS!

Rowling law firm pays out over leak

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