Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Well I'm finally out on the bike now the gears are done? Only they were not and I had to stop several times and get it my new multi tool!

They are near as damn it but what should take me half an hour had taken twice as long.

Well the Met Office website and their app said that in my exact location out would stop raining from around 11am to midday and not rain again for 48 hours? Cool.

So here I am in a Bird Hide at 13:07 and I have just dried out while watching out rain upon a lake?!

Never before had there been a year where they have got it so utterly wrong so consistently. In fact I have to wonder if still the money, equipment and rest if the budget had gone on office parties?!

Larger and larger while ever more powerful computers have been built to predict the weather but while I have stated in the past you cannot get this right 100% if the time I would have been happy with 50% of the time!

I have been caught out do many times this year in so many ways I have lost count. Do they just say something that us normally appropriate for time of year?! Lol. Steve days you might s will just look out the window in the morning!

I could hazard a guess that if I out that to them they would harp on about global warming, sorry climate change but I would say well that is bloody old news and besides that the software us supposed to PREDICT the weather that is why they cost millions of pounds to build!!

Oh and it is now 13:13 and the rain if now getting heavier!

Thank heavens for these dozen our do bird hides scattered about as I am over 5 miles from home. Still even thigh I'm in my bike other so called wildlife enthusiasts are if the fair weathered, not fair feathered, variety so I do not have to listen to stupid terms like 'common' our 'plastic', lol. So it will be quiet and maybe, just maybe I will capture one or two things on photo or film I have not done before hand?

Fingers crossed getting wet will be worth it? Haha. Still I don't care really just get worried about this dodgy phone and camera getting wet as I do not know what I would do without them right now. I one I would have to rely on them for a period of time. Only at first I thought it would be 6 months for one and a year for the other. One had been replaced for something a bit better while the other on dodgy ground. I then thought I would have to make do with the phone for another 6 months and the new camera 6 months. I am at that stage right now and no signs of the upgrades I so desperately need.

Maybe another 6 months? Lmao!

Oops front facing camera, ooh well I'll leave it there, lol.

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