Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hmm yes well I was cleaning my living room today and I came across a complimentary slip from the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

It seems they did actually acknowledge me and once I read it stating they had recieved my letter I remembered receiving it!

So need need now to wonder as to what their response will be because I know, lol!

Well it is times like this as you can imagine and understand now that I just have trouble comprehending how I can forget certain things. It is madness it really is.

At least I did not goet too fiery with the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman! Lol, though I do not doubt that nothing is likely to happen and I will get fiery with them at some point.

As much as I know and have stated on here for many moons now it is still nevertheless frustrating that they receive the budgets that they all do while doing nothing for it as I prove over and over again.

As stated this will not always be the case because some things are simply unavoidable and there is no getting around it.

The only thing I now have in my favour is that I know what my condition is and have since had it confirmed by a specialist in this field at the top department for Fibromyalgia in the UK. At least within the realms of the NHS that is, lol.

It is a bank holiday too and I already did do a major part in the kithcen previously, just need to clean up from doing the Thai Green Curry. I have also purchased a load of Thair Red Curry too and only need to fill up my freezer with cheap chicken from Sainsburys I can defrost bit by bit. Also some eggs and vegetables do do the Egg Fried Rice with it.

I have a few other bits and will add a few bits to the freezer that are inexpensive and this should do me while I am attempting do do something else which will be a big help to me, my blogs (another one in particular) and my YouTbube account. I am 6 weeks into this with a little help from nailing the council to the wall a couple of months early, and am around three weeks away from completion! With a couple of days added just to sort everything out and do the filming! PROPERLY!!


Once completed this realisation of what I can do and that the time is not as long as it seems will allow me to change yet another of my expensive but old and knackered tools for aq far better model allowing me to do even more!

Start of the fairly good times! Lol.

What? You want to know what it is?! Ooooh, nooooo!

Just call me superstitious, lol. Yes I know I just said superstitious, lol, but when I tend to talk up something I am going to achieve it always seems to go south for the winter! I would rather call it a bock!

Three weeks and it will all start getting posted and that should be the very latest?

As far as the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman goes they must be searching very jard for whatever it is they are looking for?! Who said 'excuses'?! Stop that! Lol!

Hmm maybe they have not finished the multiplication that has a total that stops things?! Lol! Hmm did not look at the date on the compliment slip! Ahhh 11th March 2014, so not taken too long then and only almost three months now.

Bloody Post Office no wonder they are have been going down the pan? Takes several weeks to deliver letters these days!! Lol!

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