Sunday, 25 May 2014


Well if that not strange?

After all the hubub in the media about Ed Milliband expected to or asked to resign now and twenty four hours later it turns out that two things have become obvious.

First off Labour did considerably better than the last time.

Secondly it also seems that in a number of European countries the voters have gone exactly the same way as they have here in the UK?!

I must say this is something of a surprise not because I didn't see it because I did. I just thought it would happen a great deal earlier and thought it was one I got very wrong?! Lol!

Better late than never, eh?

I see that UKIP is up by a fair amount and they were thought to have done well last time. Labour is also up by 9%, I think it was, while the Conservatives are way down!

I find the results extremely intriguing and it shows not just in the UK, as I hoped it would, but in other European countries too which was thought beyond the reach of my predictions and far exceeded them!
I want to pay very, very close attention over the next twelve months and I wasn't too see if they not the best only react to this but also realise that doing things that appeases the media sites not necessarily mean it will the wider public?!

This is quite simply the biggest sign I could ever hour to wish for that the people are getting the made across to their leaders. Like the words of Theresa May the public of a number of countries are saying change or what were previously the obvious choices may be shot and buried in the back yard?!

Even if they don't change and the political rules are broken in several European countries, really I mean what is the wrist that can happen? It if only five years and they will not want to get it wrong after all?

UKIP on course to top Euro poll

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