Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This is just a reminder post for myself as I tend to forget things and this is the best way to remind myself of things I may have forgotten.

I have just heard about this conference called the Inclusive Capitalism Conference and this is because I was disturbed from my sleep after only falling asleep after the sun came up by a phone call.

Now the phone call was a follow up of a previous one I also realised I may have forgotten to mention, because I forgot about the people that phone me previously. Yet another organization binding me with them being the Student Loans Company. I spoke to them a couple of weeks back and told them in no uncertain terms would had transmitted the past ten years focusing on what I suspected.

To my surprise they stated that if I got the diagnosis I was convinced I would get that they would 'write off' the entire money owed. Those that know about student loans will know that if you fail to get a career earning over £1,500 per month, or that was the figure just over ten years ago, you do not have to pay it back. Of course no one expects to be in this position who acquires a degree! Also there should be a huge numbers of young people who have struggled to get careers but bring hounded by these people?

As I finished my phone call, explaining that I had indeed acquired my diagnosis (Mr Idiot paying attention?) but that I have yet to speak to the GP (end of the week) about it and that my knee is a separate thing. So they arranged to call me back on Monday! I am not certain about the letter arriving at my GP and as I stated I made my appointment in the how that the letter would have turned up by then. I did explain this but they will call Monday nevertheless. My word, you tell these people about this blog and none of these people read it! Well read it enough and until it's too late, lol!

Now the news was rattling on about this Inclusive Capitalism Conference which seems to have done big names and big players. To my surprise and wondering if I was still asleep and dreaming all this the get together I have never heard of is to discuss a great deal of things I cover in this blog?

It is primarily a discussion about rebuilding trust, about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor and a number of other things regarding the state of the feeling if the wider public?!

Stunning and something of a huge coincidence considering the outcome of the elections both here and across a number of major European countries!

Huh, seen to have rambled on with this self reminder post, lol.

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