Sunday, 25 May 2014


How bizarre?

I will be having a discussion with a mate about this one tomorrow no doubt.

A little off topic for this blog is this story about the Ant Man film by Marvel whose director had pulled out of the film. Oh dear it's a Brit!! Lol!

As a kid Is heavy into both Marvel and DC as were two of my siblings, several cousins and my dad. 

Unfortunately he never got to see the first Tobey Macguire Spider Man movie or Doctor Who!

Of old comic book movies have been hit and miss fur two reasons...

First off the movie studies were either too scared or just to damn tight to do the right thing.

The second problem and arguably far worse is the directors. This is because for just about every bad comic book movie out there congress down to the fact that directors get too big headed and think they at so wonderful and successful that they can change everything about and it will still succeed.

For what are accomplished people you would think that as self proclaimed artists that should know better than to take a story and radically change it! It is career suicide as well as commercial suicide.

However we find ourselves with not only the first occasion where a director disagrees with the studio but that this happens to be Marvel themselves?!

Ooh boy am I glad that I am not him right now?! How can you argue with the very company that created the comics and stories and responsive for Iron Man and The Avengers movies?! I only mentioned the first Iron Man as I suspect another form of artist stated to meddle a la Andrew Garfield from the first Amazing Spider Man movie. The second Amazing Spider Man was truly amazing and judging from the glimpses at the end of the movie the third will be out of this world!

Though I say that about Spider Man they are about to put to film the story line that I an most familiar with and loved the most so I am hoping they do not screw it up!!!

You see the lady asked her name at the conference table, for those that have seen it, she answers Felicity Jones. This was a huge love interest for Spider Man in a great fun of story lines. Also the bad guys grouped together and as Felicity was also the Black Cat and loved Spider Man they formed a duo for a fair old while.
The two of them battled the group known as The Sinister Six. At the end of the movie you can spot glimpses of the ... hardware, let's say, to several members of The Sinister Six. One on particular is famous and already done while another is  famous among fans that had yet to appear. The oddly I did read rumours that he was going to be in the first film with The Lizard? Perhaps that was a chop to save money that was grabbed from the studio bins and dusted off after The Avengers movie success?


Why is it that everywhere, not just movies, everyone thinks that once they become accomplished, successful or powerful they then think themselves undefeatable?

I think something had been lost in recent times and I cannot quite put my finger on it.

Edgar Wright pulls out of Ant-Man

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