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Another big name I thought was only interested in conning, money and not customers.

I have had at least two heated disagreements with them that like everyone else they was in the wrong about. In thinking that they can do whatever the hell they feel like with no comebacks. As long as they are getting money they do not give a crap about right and wrong.

So much so that they are prepared to let other customers suffer by way of their PayPal crap. I intended to buy done Orchids from a chap who used PayPal. On the website it clearly stated that you did not need a PayPal account to pay someone through their service. I had a PayPal account but was frozen because as many of you know I can be just as stubborn as those on the wrong.

But hell, I'm transferring money to this guy via my card so all is good!

Well actually it wasn't and PayPal refused to transfer the money because they saw it that I owed them money?! So the chain that you do not need an account is not strictly true!

Added to this the only person that they are punishing is their own customer! I called him instead and did the transfer over the phone and I told him that I would drip PayPal as a service if I was him.

He probably did not realise that he could be losing hundreds and maybe thousands each year and not knowing it.

The British companies are bad enough, well I am assuming there are still British ones, but those that are American seem to behave as if the rules do not apply to them. I mean to say that they speak to customers like they know there are no avenues available to those who wish to question the methods or attitudes of these companies.

It has become bloody obvious that those that are not based here on the UK and even those living here temporarily can take advantage of various things knowing full well they are either not here or can run away.
Us Brits do not have that luxury as an option, Lol, God I wish I did!

It would be interesting if a British owner of a large British company decided to 'come out', pardon the term, one day and state what they themselves have had to do due to unfair advantage awarded those not British companies.

You just know someone had to come out with a rant and list of complaints at some point.

This bending or dividing up of the rules had to have an affect, it is unavoidable. If I owned a large company here O would not be happy about the lack of taxes paid if my own was teetering on the edge and breaking the rules to keep up!

Say as an example Argos selling refurbished goods as new? I dare say there could be dozens of examples?
The longer the lies in government goes on the longer it stays in this crap financial crisis and the more stressed and wound up people get. So more chance of the floodgates opening up with owners of struggling companies.

Also I would like to that I feel sorry for Ed Milliband. I also have a message for Labour Party members that want to lay blame at his door?

Sorry but what is happening had nothing to do with him. You could take your pick of the members as leader and the outcome would be the same. Ed's problem was the idiot lot who made up the cabinet when they were in power and of course Tony Blair. What has happened in recent times had been a long time on the making. Years on the making and Gordon Brown was not even post of it. That does not mean to say things would have been different if they were in power, oh no.

Or the Conservatives.

At the end if the day none of them are honest about what they get up to. They all promise this and that and never deliver. They all thought that things would just keep going up all the time and that was cool and if it did they would have tried by then with no comebacks.

Indeed I can pin a large portion of it down to one thing, house prices.

I argued with my grandfather who loves rubbing his hands together when his house leapt on value every so often. He did not so to think that this gradually made it impossible for his grandchildren to buy houses. With the prices going up anyone wanting to go up a size or move to a nice area always wanted big raises. So everyone everywhere, with help of the Unions I am afraid, wanted pay rises ask the time.

The house prices, larger mortgages and pay rises were not only unrealistic and unsustainable that the amount it has risen in such a short space of time meant that any financial crisis would be bad.

My grandfather thought himself smart when it came to money but did used to argue. Eventually I got it through to him that ordinary people with ordinary wages are somehow paying these prices. I did that by asking him to imagine trying to buy his house at £200,000 on his postman's salary. This was because he only paid a tenth of the value the house had at the time. Just two bedrooms too.

Suddenly the thought of having a £200,000 instead of £20,000 and the penny dropped!

The higher it got and the longer it went on the worse it was going to be. I do see now that there were two possibilities with the one I expected being a very fast and hard drop and slow recovery. Bit what we got was a slow drop and an even slower recovery. In fact I have been unable to work out as yet how slow the recovery is! I still cannot see a return to normal being any closer than five years and each year it seems to remain at five years.

When I think of the amount, or silliness, that property in London was fetching I think ten years being the soonest, immediately while wondering it is possible to return to normal at all?! On fact I am unsure if there is a normal anymore and likely a new normal has to be used in future.

A real shame it got to this point, it really is. Sad that all of those voted on for whatever party decided that bullshitting your way through while scientific and other advisors were totally ignored, contradicted or even fired.

Even after all this time they still do not get it. They have now spent fecking years telling the British public that they get it and they are listening but they have done no such thing. Bullshit then just as per usual!

They don't get it because they have not suffered like the majority. In fact they have altered things so that they do not suffer while telling everyone it's all equal and fair across the board! So they speak like we are idiots and cannot work out the bullshit?

The truth is that they are not in it nor will they understand until they themselves are also truly affected. Now I do not know how to achieve this because... well they hold the keys because they were elected to govern.
I recently saw evidence that this might be changing after the event of the recent elections. I have hope now and have more confidence that this week finally hit home with the next election?!

I think the general election can very possibly turn out to be the most interesting in bloody years? Maybe the best one ever?!

Others are steering to say the same thing and I think a great deal of expectation and hope will grow before the next election is upon us.

Looking forward to that taking place.

eBay faces investigation over breach

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