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Right well I have type out and sent a longer than intended email to the PHSO which had driven me to distraction because suddenly Google have managed to destroy Android and in one area that all operations systems and office suites should really be handling without fail, typing (refuses to recognize the weird 'typing')!

In fact I can tell you there is an article I spotted which featured on the front page if micro may magazine that said several of Google's things were failing!

Still I got there in the end. I fully explained the appointment at Guy's asking with the fact that the knee being diagnosed had now made me raise why the first time I was discharged by Orthopedics on a false claim of not turning up for an MRI when I told them not only did I not receive a letter, rendering their decision unfair and full of double standards, but my second attempt to have it looked at was meet with an attempt by Barnet Hospital to falsely label me as violent, yes it had happened before and the recording if the meeting is not only in here but you hear me accused them if this and then denying it and then you can see the letter that arrived the next day, so yeah they're stupid, that did accuse me of violent conduct therefore pricing in get own words that she led to me at the meeting!


I then explained that my second attempt to have the knee looked at, immediately after the failed attempt to label me as violent, I was meet by an Orthopedic Surgeon, Day or Ray, and a Podiatrist, Julian Livingstone, who between the two of them ignored my knee went straight for my feet and agreed on a diagnosis that was later laughed at my another health professional on the NHS, bi-pedal mechanics, but was also not only completely and totally wrong but I was lured to about bone spurs being linked to Plantar fasciitis!!
I have told them all for fecking years I did not have it and bone spurs have no fecking link to Plantar fasciitis at all!

So that about ties up now without a shadow of a doubt to the PHSO that it was bit just those two Doctors that told bare faced lies, Gubbay and Francis, but a while just of other petiole too!!

Unfortunately for them desire me vastly expanding that list by a factor of 2 it is not the whole list! Hmm speaking of lists and names, that reminds me I can now get around to typing out that list which week serve as my first Wall Of Professional Shame on here!

Now the email I just sent to the PHSO who, if working for the NHS like all other Ombudsman work for their associated organizations, will make them a great deal nitre uncomfortable then they were with the first lot of data?!

Double whoops!!


Dear Sirs


I have just finished a couple of busy weeks and I realised I do bit know how much time had passed by since I sent you the signed letters authorizing you to investigate my claims.

As I have been and to think about this now I also realised that I do not recall receiving a confirmation letter or email from you.

Now as my busy period is actually to do with the NHS and my condition it seemed the perfect opportunity to both ask you to confirm that you have indeed received my authorization letters and are investigating.
I can also tell you that there turns out to be more to the lies and manipulation by the NHS to avoid a diagnosis that now stand out like a sore thumb, I am afraid to say.

I recently had an appointment with the Rheumatology Department at Guys Hospital which took some doing to get. I of course wanted this because if their expertise on the condition I had already diagnosed myself with.

Now first off I can tell you that my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is now confirmed just as I knew it would.
However a second diagnosis cane from the visit I did not expect when the Doctor held his hand around my thigh just advice my patella and asked me to tighten up my leg muscles and knee. I did as he asked and yelped out in pain to which the Doctor then confirmed my knee had it's own problem unrelated to my Fibromyalgia.

This diagnosis also confirms another suspicion I had from a few years earlier involving Chase Farm Hospital and Doctors Tai and Saksena and then Barnet Hospital's Dr Ray, could have been Day, and Julian Livingstone. It dues not read good I am afraid...

You see I was trying to get my knee looked at and was quite deliberately and systematically working my way around my body for each pain. 

Prior to this performed an MRI on the wing part of my back and I used intellect and trickery to find out the truth, I am sure Dr Saksena would explain how as I don't he has forgotten.

I then had an argument when I was discharged and was asked yo the Hospital where it was explained that I was discharged because I failed to turn up for an MRI on my knee. This was complete bull and I told them so and we disagreed. I received no letter about an MRI Scan and stated that discharging me was both grossly unfair and highly suspicious.

Not to be deterred I forced another referral whereby an attempt was made to list me as violent and refuse treatment, yeah been there before it did not work then and dud not work recently. Oh by the way I am acting to an advisor to a woman who had herself verb accused of lying about a condition she already had diagnosed and even offered laser treatment for. The Doctor shouted at her, upset her by accusing her off making up her condition and then called the Police and both her and her father were fairly accused of violent conduct and treated appallingly by the Police.

Unfortunately for the NHS, GP Surgery involved and the Police I was not only party to the event but then became a witness to it while I recorded the bullshit, then another Hospital heard and become involved and not only offered to write a letter regarding her condition but also offered the laser treatment once again.
A complaint to the Police has the duty officer ring up my friend who was out on speakerphone who was rude to my friend, debited everything before my friend even explained what his officers did and the intimidation they received from them and then inherited for the umpteenth time satiated he would defend his officers ask day long and the conversation would just go round in circles and then hung up the phone on him rudely.
You might have noticed Theresa May's speech to the Police Federation recently where she tore then asunder?

Well that recording of the Police had been online to ask for several weeks and my own recordings of the Police including Defectives lying repeatedly, promising much while delivering nothing at all have been live fur over a year now.

Everything I do and everything I acquire as well as receive is published as and when I get it. There is no misunderstanding about who said what asking with the dates they were posted.

Remember all I state is posted online.

Now back to Barnet Hospital and Caroline Johnson's attempt to refuse me treatment on grounds of violence was vehemently denied but the letter that arrived the next day priced that the denial was a lie because she put it in writing that I was being accused of violent conduct.

Both that letter and the recording of that meeting are in my blog!

Afterwards I went to have me knee looked at inky to realize that they were only interested in my feet and yet again my knee was being conveniently ignored?! They not only concentrated on my very but two professionals have me an agreed diagnosis that was than rubbished with a raised eyebrow by a biomechanical exciter on feet (bi-pedal) mechanics! I cannot believe they told you that you have Pes Cavus because you don't!

Now consider that I have now been told that the one part of my body which would have shown something up on an MRI was write deliberately avoided nor once but TWICE!!

However, everything to do with Fibromyalgia was indeed scanned and I was then discharged starting charity nothing was wrong. A scan showing nothing died not conclude nothing is wrong and Fibromyalgia dies indeed consistently show nothing, it's only give away is no reduction in red blood cell count!


Of course this is in addition to the fact that you are 'supposed' to be investigating the fact that an ultrasound test was falsified to hide not one but TWO THINGS!!

Plus the disagreement I had, or one of them, with Doctor Gubbay that fit a other heated was over Pregabalin and Gabapentin being just pain killers like any other pain killer and I was refused Pregabalin. My current GP refused me Pregabalin and Guy's Hospital have written to my GP prescribing Pregabalin!!

Now as I stated previously I collected everything and have long since posted about these things.

I can also inform you that large companies who have read through my blog have decided to contact me to offer deals and congratulate me on what I have done and achieved! In fact someone from Groupon, ego diary on the stock market, emailed me and begged me to reply and said she wanted to speak to the business development manager if the above named blog!

They only do this providing two criteria are met with one being I have had a hell if a lot of visitors and that it is obvious that this will have had zeros added to the ends if the numbers in a mere few months...

Currently it is 120,000 and ruses by over 15,000 pet month.

The reason I tell you this is ... well I just do not trust you. I never trusted anyone which was why I decided everything and every other Ombudsman have shown without a doubt that they look after the interests if those they are supposed to keep an eye on.

Now I feel pretty confident that one you have read to this point that I now do bout need to explain to you now both the gravity of the situation asking with just how much worse it is going to look than even when I first contacted you?

Me receiving correspondence trekking me that my first ever along with most important letter I have posted in 7 years had gone missing and the organization involved could not even send an email to the plaintiff to remind him because they are linked to the health service and my condition that if which had already been clearly divulged dues indeed include memory problems will also look very bad?

I am pretty sure that just in case these were the cases in this instance that the feeling felt one the contents of this email have been fully digested that any attempt via a fake sense if over confidence in this case will explode in the worst possible way and in the very near future too?

So now I have explained in full can you please confirm that you did indeed receive the signed letter giving authority over to you to investigate?

Thigh I do find the weird investigate in this instance to be must amusing considering everything I have already achieved in my own.

I OK forward to any correspondence with keen interest,

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc
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