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Some time ago I had to eject a very competetive member of my family out of my house onto their ear and in so doing pointed out that I knew they had been fibbing about a lot of things to get attention.

Unfortuantely for many of them I am always able to do what I do with the organisations I do because even they continue to underestimate me time afdter time no matter how many times I have been proven correct. If they can consistently underestimate me then sure enough everyone else would and this I could use to my advantage, even them.

I had mentioned me appointment to Guy's Hospital some time ago but then said no more about it as I always test the waters everywhere all of the time with everyone around me or even much further afield. By doing this I get to know the real truth and can analyze the behavioural patterns of those involved and it sometimes gives me ideaqs I can uses elsewhere.

That ejection from my home was one case in point that has taken a rather alarming twist!

I deliberately held back for four whole days and when I did text them I simply stated that the Fibromyalgia was confrmed but that the knee problems was a separate and a physical issue. That was it and that was all and that was a week ago toniight.

I quite deliberately did not text anyone else and I dod not want one particular person who was ejected from my property knowing. The two I had told were avoiding her as they were no speaking to her so it seemed a very easy thing to avoid. But these things never go as you plan and have done so in the past and it is not just me that knows both who and why but many other people do too. It has happened many times before and I have explained this upon the lpages of this blog and it was always bound to again.

Despite what people tell you!

Yesterday I was at a friends shop when a mutual friend of ours called me to see if I was there as he needed some bits and pieces. Turned out all that was avaialable was just one of the three different tpes of things he wanted. He was after live Daphnia, though did not realise he needed Infusoria, frozen Bloodworm and Pinkies, not even think to ask what the last one is because you really do not want to know!

Anyway I knew I had some frozen bloodworm at home and could provide the tiny live food he needed for his hatchling newts. So I got home and tossed the pinkies into the freezer and started typing out a post for this blog. SO yes the phonecall I am about to tell you about I receieved while typing out one of the recent posts, whichever one was somewhere between 4pm and 5pm GMT time yesterday.

I had my headphones on and thought I could hear one of my phones ringing? Removing one headphone I then heard it clearly and immediately thought it was my new GP wanting to spea to me either over the phone or in person, probably to ask me how the feck I worked out I had Fibromyaligia and so sure of myself too!

But when I looked it was a sibling instead and I was surprised that someone was actually going to ring me to ask me about whaqt was said at Guy's Hospital. After all I typed all of a dozen words regaridng the most important appointment of my life that lasted for an hour. As it is hereditary and we lost three family members I thought the phones would be ringing off the hook.

I answered the phone and I was asked if I was OK and was everything alright and I said yes it was. Before anything else was said at all I was then asked "Did you hear about [ejected member of the family that she is not supposed to be talking to]?" and I said "No!"

I mean why would I? We all decided we were cutting ties with her only I knew that I would be the only one to see it through. Others that know the family know what this member of the family does and her tricks and they also so this particular sibling as always running back to her after threatening a break off. Probably the one thing that makes her worse because she gets what she wants and expects every single time.

Only I was a wee bit susprised when I was told that "She has cracked her skull and has blood behind the eardrum." which was meant with stunned silence before I asked if she was serious.

At the same time I was stunned the alarm bells were going off like Big Ben amd then some and I asked if she was absolutely sure about this. She said yes and then there was some chatting where it was admitted that the injured family mamember was being a bit high and mighty and once again yet another sibling had to ask her to stop. I was then told that they tried to get her to stay and yet she disachrged herself.

Now I said that she had managed to do exactly as I had predicted that she would in the most dramatic way before I was told that this was real as they had been to the hospital.

I then explained in no uncertain terms that people have extremely bad memories within this family, no not just ME I assure you, and that she was right now speaking to someone who sat in Arrowe Park Hospital with an ex girlfriend who I had just been with into the Hospital's pharmacy to pick up her Chaemotherapy drugs and two rather large syringes and then ssat with her in a waiting room before she disappeared off and came back 30 minutes later and we both left and this was all for Uterine Cancer which she did not FUCKING HAVE!

So please do not tell me it must be true becuase I entered a hospital because I spent ten years trying to work out how my ex fooled me and realised that she must have befriended someone in the hospital who had cancer and agreed to pick up her chaemotherapy drugs for them so that she can parade them around in front of me to convince me she was dying.

Of course he also tried quite unsuccessfully to sleep with me and I think I stated here before hand and I did state this to my sibling that is it not also funny that my ex has NEVER been referred to as a liar, bitch, or mad even by the one person that has caused us hell over the years because she wants sympathy that she is totally unable to actually give herself?!

Oh yeh because the fat bloke down the pub fucking says so then it must be true then?!

It was then requested of me that I text her. After the phonecall I thought well you completely fail to understand the notion of not talking to someone. It means your not talking to someone. It does not mean your not talking to someone provided it is not an emergency, serious or otherwise injury, family events and traumatic times.

However my siblig stated that she did not really want to go abd felt guilty about that and I stated that is how she gets you everytime.

I came off the phone, now pay attention here 007, and within ten minutes I realised that her cracked skull was not as dangerous and bad as she was making out. I text my sibling a few details about it and went off the see my friend. Once there I explained to him and he remembered exactly what I had said before, as dfid my other mate that is local, and said, oh that is convenient. I stated that do not forget that not only was this accident in very close proximity to my double diagnosis but that I never told here and I left ot four days before telling the two I did. Meaning this 'accident' was EXTREMELY CLOSE the her finding out I had bene diagnosed and I do not know if she was informed of both diagnosis, or rather that I had been given two.

My friend piped up as I was telling him, 'Wait?! Did you sau she discharged herself?!' and I nodded and he said, sorry she cannot do that. Like a fool I knew something did not ring true as I was told this story, some family members are very good and believing bullshit while diregarding truth, and my fruiend made me facepalm myself.

In the event of any sustained ir forced injury to the brain deemed dangerous the said patient would net be deemd as fit enough to make their own decisions and not be allowed to leave the hospital!

Now I can assure you that three Doctors would all sign a form to this effect and obviously have to agree, see they can be lying dicks, and when done any forced attempt to leave will result in a syringe stuck into you wherever they are able while you are not looking and its lights out until Christmas!

It just so happened the syringe full of drugs was experienced by none other than the person explaining this to me and I said "Oooh dummy, of course!!'

So you se the obvious can be easily missed as when you think about it it all seems obvious with hindsight!

But did you read carefully? Are you sure?!

Well I am farid there were actually two very obvious things in my explanation you see and I did start of by stating that some people just make things for too easy for me? How though?

Someone with a home full of iPhone 5s and iPads has a chat with me on the phone and I say a few things. I come off the phone and within twenty minutes I know just about all there is to know about cracked skulls!

I am told, I research I read and it is job done.

However one thing I did say to my sibling is that in a couple weeks time I will be the bastard because I did not fly over by Carrier Pigeon Express Ways. I also stated that in pulling a remark like that are nything like that will be a mistake and one that will make the person making the remark as foolish!

Because my hour long appointment whereby I was given not one but two diagnosis has resulted in not only has no one bothered to ask me about in ten days since I had the appointment but at the slightest thing done by the worst member of the family and everyone goes running around like headless chickens and it was all an elaborate stunt because they were scared my diagnosis would get attention. The first time that this member of the family has sustained injury frimo her condition she has not only been unable to prove she has but was accused by me of not having very recently and the first fall wehereby an injury is claimed to have been sustained happens within two days or sooner of the learning oif my confirmed diagnosis!

Now I mentioned the fact that I did get a text just two days ago from this troublesome family member in need of help. This suggested that was the day they found out. Their 'accident' had not occured at the time but did happen the following day!

Unfortunately for them both, the 'accident' did not happen the day after my diagnosis, the one I had been accused behind my back of lyying about for thirteen fecking years, which would have looked bad enough but happened one day after discovering I had confirmed my diagnosis the upcoming appoitnemtn of which I had deliberately kept everyone on the dark about.

I am farid my sibling is of the belief that I will text and I will not. I must make it abundantly clear that I am in no competition over all this and I will stay away as any involvement whatsoever will result in and just as noth the two siblings will admit, more grief, stress and guilt tripping.

Yeah I can feel guilty all on my own thanks!

I even stated to my sibling when I had a series of text messages about it all being true when I got home that I dont care and thats when I told her she cannot possibly discharge herself, THE END! I then stated that she almost nehaves like someones with something similar to Munchausen's biproxy. Well that is without the proxy! (Hmm so just Munchausen's then Martin? Lol, no could be Mucnchausen's Chihuaua?) Well you get the idea. If eomeone draws attention to themselves by injuring themselves instead of a child, in the case of Munchausen's biproxy. People do self harm too. I cannot say off the top of my head that there was ever a past event where this could happen. But I can tell you that just about every part of the body under the sun has been of excrutiating pain to her that my sibling thought that the Fibromylagia came down her branch of the family to which I said "Ohhhh, ohhhhh NO! Afraid not! There is a big difference from saying you have all these things wrong with you to acting like you have all these things wrong with you!"

When someone makes things up you have to watch their body and bosy language all the time. If all your doing is hearing it there is seomthing not quite right. Unfortuantely for my family they believe that hearing it is how you tell?! To which I say that because I do not cry like aq baby of wail like an imbecile each time I fell pain therefore I do not have anything wrong? Jesus!

My father on the other hand was always behving like there was something wrong. He was always taking pain killers but was averse to medications normally and NEVER had a Doctor! Of this family member who manifests their own ailments did have all these things wrong and did have Fibromyalgia well then you have a £10 Million case for damages against the NHS. I know these things because I was part of a team os solicitors one of which looked into this! OOPS!!

Plus anyway they will think all is OK but she will blow up and start name calling me and labelling me and this will come as a real surprise, well because they think I have texted her a message, but they just do not quite get the meaning of words when one says this is wrong with me, is bad anough, but I am not talking to them means what of fecking well says!

In fact even in any event that this post is found by the perpetrator at a later date and tries to rubbish this in anyway and accuse me of being the one of being competetive over sympathy when she is the one that guilt trips everyone into not giving a hoot about anyone else but her I would at the time of this occurring be on the brink of producing yet another magic trick for bigger and bolder than anything I have done thus far.

The revealing of this magic trick will destroy all possible attempts of false accuations and lying in a desperate attempt of self-protecion or gain into rather a lot of pieces if I must say. For if I knew what everyone was like and knew what everyone would and would not do as well as say and not say well I would be some kind of 24 carat plonker to have not prepared for all this from day one?!

I said all along I know what will happen, sometimes even exactly, I just do not know when it will happen. At times this will be earlier than I expected and sometimes it will be later than I expected. The end result however always remains the same.

Whatever the ultimate reason that the NHS have once again avoided dealing with because it is obscure and not easily noticed you can bet the real reason is a three letter acronym?! LOL! Hmm or four?!

Ho-hum and chocks away!!

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