Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Well I was simply stunned to hear about what happened in Spain at some opening event of some bullfighting ... doo-da thingy!

The first three Matadorks, because that is what they are, looked as if the were pissed as farts and systematically got tossed about like tossers one by one being gouged in the process?!

Somehow they all survived!

It seems that it had been losing popularity and banned in some areas, like Catalan, but they made it... err protected in some way because it's Spanish thing, Spanish creation and part of Spanish history. Yes of course it is ... that is ever since the Romans introduced it. A good job the rest of Europe did not keep Roman traditions going as we may be crucifying people still?! Mind you I can think if one out two names ...
One Matadork showed he was the biggest Matadork of them all by saying he hoped he was not in hospital too long because he is due to be gouged again next month?!


If there is one thing I fecking hate it's petiole who involve animals in barbaric fighting that should have died out with the Dodo. If they want a rush they should go jump of a tall building with only their pants, underwear, to use as a parachute and that should give them a rush. Or strap them to the front of the next Ariane 5 satellite carrying rocket?!


In the meantime and in next week's munched on morons...

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