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I really do not like Senator Kelly.
I always thought he sounded a bit false, insincere in his speeches but I never had him down as plain stupid and unrealistic.
One man left town and told the world that his country who are always telling the world they are there for them, sticking their noses in to see what they can get for themselves for it while actually snooping on everyone because they want to own the world, and they want to try him in court.
The idiocy of it is actually complaining and name calling because he won't come back and be set up as both a scapegoat as well as an example and spend his life in prison?!
Are you fecking stupid Senator Kelly? I do not know what planet he comes from but if he thinks that people will but such utter trash then all I can say is that the American public must be very naive, easily led and a little over patriotic?!
In fact they have made much larger noises about Edward Snowden than they have apologies for getting caught with their pants down!
If a British agent had done the same thing I would applaud him and be against my own Security Services! Would not be the first time either ... anyway!
Security Services are there for national security, now fur corporate espionage! As far as I am concerned there actions are that of a country at war with the rest of the world! Well that is for the lapdog that is my own country of Britain who escaped any difficulties by doing what they are told. So I have been wondering if that whole 'Then you for coming, friend!', which bought a tear to my eye was just bull to not make him look like a puppet on a string. Because that is not how I see my own country.
Very sad but very true and we have just been raped and pillaged in a manner of speaking, for want if a better term, from all sides.
I think that as more truth has been coming out the lapdog jokes about us to the US have started to gather some substance to them meaning we are squeezed by Europe on one side, squeezed and ordered about by the US on the other why every trashy sponger idiot and radical Mussie wants to invade our borders by land, sea, sky and belly of shark if needs be.
I had expected a backlash for many years, foresee the recession five years before it hit and knew the backlash would come after to much strain and pressure from a bad recession. For me this writing was on the wall for a very, very long time. Yes there were other factors that played a hand in the collapse but it was these things that were squeezing the public as a whole.

What was adding increased pressure was the absolute tiring wall of bricks that wanted to come down on anyone that they could attach a label to, even though they failed to understand the meaning if the word racist. This of course was the media!

However I never expected to witness them being told this to their faces on TV and live by a black guy?! Hats off to that man for starting to them that they do not have a clue what the word means! To the presenter who said 'oh so it's our fault, is it?'

Will in part, yes. You were paying attention to the fact that the man the media tried very hard to label as a racist wrote the floor with everyone at the ballot box and break records in the process?

This means one of two things, you were all wrong or everyone in Britain that voted are suddenly racist too?! Huh, like to see you pull that one, after all its the public that feeds you and it had just let you know that the food has been a bit sour these last few years.


But then you do not have to tell me this as like everything else I long since knew.

In fact I gave you all the opportunity to prove me wrong and you could not do it. I stated a few times on this very blog that this blog was always a part of my plan? It can all be checked along with the times and the dates. That is the beauty of the Internet and computers and this is just one of my areas of expertise.

I showed all readers on here, whether they have seen the evidence or not, that I sent an absolute mountain of data which was ask evidence to various media outlets. I made this clear by posting photocopies of both the sets of disks I burned, THE FOUR DVDs (is it dining in why I kept putting that in the subject lines yet?), as well as the recorded delivery receipts with post codes on them showing who I sent them to!

These DVDs, as stated there are pictures of them, contained my long since claims about corruption, Police, Local Councils and the NHS while stating the absolute terrible way the public is being lied to, manipulate and mistreated while forking out their own taxes to pay them to do it but also that lives of people, including children, have been quite knowingly placed in mortal danger and their lives ruined.

You can check back on here about how we got told twice on separate occasions how the research people for Jeremy Kyle stared that our story was far too serious and sensitive for their show!

As for why we were ignored by the media and why my daughter did not get a penny for the shit that Wirral Council put her through you will have to ask them yourselves by way of an email, because no one else did. Personally I expected that they would wiggle out of this and still have that over confidence that they are too big to fight by just like everyone else they simply do not possess a single ounce of common sense. When it cones to computers and the Internet Chimps have more sense. Despite the fact that they thought they had gotten away with it I did not care, because I had this blog.

So despite my anger and frustration I always knew that I could use the Internet in varies ways to show the whole country the truth. Sure done would be to stupid or just naive to the reality but I was sure that the large majority would be smart enough to work it out, whether they were if higher intellects combined with an inquisitive nature would take little time or others that disagreed but found themselves back here a few months later then agreeing with something else and paying close attention.

It was a full gone conclusion that in the end there would only be one outcome. There would always be just one outcome.

Then you get these Senators talking in interviews like everyone is a complete naive idiot stating in no uncertain terms that according the the American government everyone is to just do what they are told without question or go to prison for a long time!

Moron! Not a good advertisement for America, their government and their foreign policies and nor indeed is it a good one for anyone else to become part of the security services in America?

They can come and pay for my advice if they find that in five years tine no one in America wants to work within these services anymore?! Lol! I think that the tors of people they want would the the last people on my list that I would have doing anything for me. People like that tend to be immoral and when someone offers them six figure sums for details they week take it!

What I find astounding is that Edward Snowdon obviously cares about his country and how it would appear to the rest of the world with their actions. Of course they have this attitude that they are the smartest and the best and no one would have discovered them? Yes just like their military do not have a bad reputation for shooting friendlies while yeehawing and screaming over the radio frequencies?

What they completely fail to appreciate is that with the world finding out now, thereby preventing the US government from doing to much damage and taking over too many companies, they avoided a potentially serious and sensitive conflict later on down the road!

Now that is what I an thankful for and I am not bloody American!

They might want to not what happened in the European elections because I bloody well have. Not only had the public aired it's disappointment later than I expected them to but they did it in a far bigger way and most surprisingly they did it in far more countries than just the UK!

That I did not expect at all!

Or maybe someone could give them each a dot to dot book and some coloring pencils? 

You know now that I think about it it belies belief as to the process in America on who gets in power along with how? Are the choices really that awful? Or is it that everyone is seen as crap and corrupt so you just vote on the one that seems the least corrupt? Our the one there have been the least rumors about? Lol!

I cannot think of an 18 month period that is more important than the next 18 months for so many reasons I cannot keep track! There are even a couple of things of a more light hearted subject but is for another blog.
"He sound cone back to the US and make his case?"

Yes and in the American Civil War I am sure they should have give themselves up for a firing squad? 


Kerry urges Snowden to return to US

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