Thursday, 22 May 2014


Here we are then the speech I was speaking of in a recent post.

Theresa May ripping it up with the Police Federation who stood and sat around like rabbits in headlights! This was truly a magical moment that will certainly linger in the mind of this one for some years to come.
As for the stunned, open mouthed Police Federation members who appeared more like a stunned and frozen in time terracotta army I am afraid that it is because your all a bunch of over confident, lazy, bone idle doughnut munching liars and fraudsters of the taxpayers money who are only interested in themselves or get their arse in gear for those that think themselves above such things add paying taxes.

Blunt? Week then I advise if you work fit the Police in any capacity I would not read the documents and listen to the audio recordings I have on here. Because you will find out what others already have, I understated things just a touch!

I am afraid it won't get any easier either for the next twelve months and whatever transpires was only bought upon yourselves.

This goes for all of those attached to any of the organizations I have single handedly taken apart, vertebrae by vertebrae when I do find any that is!

The very things that allow such a dark and unlawful as well as disrespectful attitude to exist while thinking within your rights to fill your pockets with other people's money are lots and lots of little things. Not getting involved, turning a blind eye, wanting to get 'in on the action' and any other stood reasons that the grand scale naive thought would not hurt will be shown that quite the opposite is true.

This will also be done and achieved in a way that those guilty will never forget to prevent evil and amoral, duck everyone else, attitudes to never want to be practiced ever again.

Only a grand scale example of the most shocking revelations revealed to the widest and larger percentage of the populace will suffice.

That is exactly what my blog does and continues to do. The weekly visits start of as a mere few. Eighteen months in and they are in the thousands per week. Eighteen months time and they will be in the tens of thousands each week.

Short of trying to show extremely biased news media what is going on so that they would publish it one way or another I knew that this was always likely to be the last resort and that it would take a bloody Age to achieve. But on the plus side is that I would always gather up... things along the way so that despite the 30GB of data I supplied out to the media the chances are I would likely treble the amount.
Of course if anyone did pay attention and someone had to as everyone got a copy and they all cannot be that naive and stupid, and decided that both I and the data I handed over were easy money to manipulate then continuing my endeavors while an audience watched that would secretly build up to impressive proportions, impressive but not yet enough, to render ant explanations null and void before any thought was given to use them.

Of course what I find amusing is that by the time each one of them realists what I have done and that I basically informed them in a way that I may as well have put it on a flag and waved it about and then built upon that while publishing along the way that eventually they would be scrabbling around in the dirt looking for ways to get themselves out of any...awkward situations.

I intended to make a complete picture of each and everyone the best I could to the best of my abilities, with what I had to work with of course. There are also a few more pennies that need to be dropped too just so it can be marked on here that the date of making the reveal can be checked for everyone on here and all of those yet to visit.

In a complete twist I am also planning to completely change the ... angle I use on this sight which I have up until now. Another angle which is used by me only very rarely but is far more pleasant to readers will become much more prominent.

So I intend to lighten, would be one way of putting it, the tempo while at the same time compounding the pressure I have already applied in here already, whether they have all become aware of the blog or not. It will most certainly become far more uncomfortable for them as I start to allow another one of my skill sets out of the bag. No one knows I intend to do this of my friends and family. In fact apart from just the people I see regularly I won't be telling anyone.

This is a couple of months away just yet but is coming and I am looking forward to flexing my muscles, metaphorically speaking, with this and I do think it will make the blog much more popular. In fact there is one member of my family that if told what I intend to do they will think it an excellent idea. But they won't be told for awhile yet and it helps to switch this tempo now that one very long chapter I have pursued is coming to a quick close.

Oh damn it!! I just remembered I have been trying to remember to email the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman. This is because it had been awhile since I sent then that signed consent form and I have had not a peep out of them. I then realised I have no idea how much time had passed by since I ousted then the form nor whether they actually acknowledged it?!

I really do not take kindly to not getting an acknowledgement! It is unprofessional not to mention rude. But I do not remember but I certainly have not received anything by post.

Since remembering that I can't remember, told you it was a mind feck, I have stated to think I will get an excuse from them I have not had put to me in the s seven years plus I have lived here?! 'We never received it' which would be quite convenient.

I have an appointment with my new GP to the end of next week and the letter from Guy's Hospital had not arrived thus far. But it's got another eight days to turn up which won't really matter as I can simply tell him two thirds of what the letter will say. Fibromyalgia, prescribe me Pregabalin along with the Amitriptyline I am already prescribed and ... oh yeah whatever it was that was up with my right knee, or possibly both, while I do believe the twinging left knee is just to do with my hair being out due to the Fibromyalgia (feet, back, shoulders) and right knee.

Of course by emailing the PHSO, which I have dinner before and they have my email so easy to contact me, I can inform them of the confirmation of my own diagnosis. This is just in case they were waiting for the outcome of the Guy's Hospital appointment while secretly going they are handed a get out of jail free card?
You see I made it clear from the very outset, and fully informed the PHSO of this, that I believe that these Ombudsman we think are their for our best interests are not. Just like the Independent Police Complaints Commission have been getting bad press as have the Police Federation among others I think they just inform each other and help each other out. Of course this cannot be done without ... fringe benefits for all those involved of course.

The facts remain to be seen of course and if everything is fine and dandy and advice board then no one had anything to worry about as I an only interested in the truth as to why everyone sits on their arse white getting paid while pointing fingers at those without work who would kill to have a chance to make an honest living. That is providing of course that they cannot even pay rent in a cardboard box in the vagrant filled parts of London that is.

Oh a bit of a funny or two there!! Lol.

Right now of to type that email!

Police - change or be changed

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