Wednesday, 21 May 2014


People can the strangest things and this includes barristers.

Rebekah Brooks barrister had stared she is the victim of a Witch Hunt but in reality the term Witch is far too tame for the things that have been callously carried out within the news media.

Also you tend to first need a witch to have a witch hunt!

One last point to make... hmm ask would be more accurate is that if someone hold their hands up and states 'it was not me but I am not going to tell you who it really was' is actually an excuse or even anywhere close to a plausible reason for finding someone 'not guilty'?!

I think not!

If those not directly to blame it not going to open their mouths and name the real culprit because of the huge salaries received or a pair promised then the buck stops with the tight lipped, it is that simple.

Had this barrister stopped to think exactly what this country would be like if this was allowed as an excuse?!

"My mate made me do it!"

"Who is your mate?"

"Not telling because he is my mate and brings me sweeties!"

"Oh, OK then your free to go!"

Save a hell of a lot of money on Prison Warden and Officer salaries I can tell you!

I am rolling my eyes right now while cursing the fact I cannot sleep yet again!

Rebekah Brooks 'witch hunt' victim

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