Sunday, 25 May 2014


Romantic music swoops and peaks in an eveloping way.

A beautiful voice of a mystery and unknown woman sings out her heart for love and ones mind is drawn in like a moth to a flame. What I wonder that look, looks like and how does it feel to catch the fleeting glimpse that these feelings are held by another?

In a swirling land of wonders can one dare to dream of the perfection that seems so far from view despite the aching of touch that brings the tiny shudders lost for so long.

Like windmills on a hill top the wheels of time continue to turn on unabated without once slowing to allow one time to break away. Time so precious to few are granted for many and the times that tick by graduallly stealing away from one the possibilities that abounded of years gone by.

That look I loved within ones eyes seem but so lng a distant memory. Buried deep in the sands of time wy relentless winds that their view is way beyond obscured.

One wonders if it possible to find one not intent on materialism and able to see the bigger picture that hides from most of us. Many fall by the wayside but one must believe this not always to be true. For all those that intend to use and scheme only deserve the fists of steel there must be many worthy of help. While possible lovers be avoided there must be those that can make one feel again.

For those that have come to know the name for reasons all bad I hope that one comes to know it for the good one can do and the happiness one can bring, though one has ones own doubts to this being possible and lost in ths sandstorm of time.

Entertainment is his solace and undoing complicated and dastardly plans also. Is she somewhere out there and possibly be beyond the sea. Has fate forced us far apart or do we exist under each others noses? Can Old Ken be wrong and the person exists to compliment one another like no other?

Many of the sands of time been wasted away by undeserving obstacles that would leave a negatitivity not appreicated and certainly not wanted. Rendering many possibilities far beyond possibility for the longest periods known.

However this be the year that these bad vibes are cast aside themselves to be buried away in the wind blown sands along with many others.

What little time there exists left to live one fully intends to take full advantage of and do along with achieve many things long desired deep in ones heart.

Perhaps where one can change the lives of those he writes more can be accomplished by those he touches?

For the touch of affection is one he craves the most. All else is rendered just filler one calls entertainment and the occupying of ones mind due to the life others have that are lost and alien to him. What others take for granted in conversation is so alien to him and never having experienced many things that many others do in most lives unless not wanted.

Many bad things could bring down a tower of steel but one learns to box up and place within the dark recesses of ones mind and ther they stay.

Once in a while I let one out ... if I really need to show anger to a large organisation and these be the weapons I keep within. At times when they are not controlled the soft and loving touch that would allow one to forget is sorely missed despite not remembering the feeling this brings.

Now the achievements begin to mount up and more heading this way a little more of the darkness is released each time and scattered to the winds to be long forgotten.

Life has a meandering nature to her and she twists and turns about in the winds of change. How this story goes from here on in and for the next five years has me wondering with a new confidence but an air of mystery abounds.

How will I feel when the time comes? Heaven only knows.

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