Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I should never be surprised to find that there is yet another body out there full of corruption, sticking the taxpayer dry and then resting to criticism like they are saying 'what? Of curse we are allowed to do all this crap, how dare threaten us?!'

I was surprised all the same. This involved a speech by Theresa May to an organization called The Police Federation that I was unaware existed!

Oh so yet another faction of the Police that is as corrupt as hell?!

On hearing this and witnessing the absolutely blunt and frank speech given to it's stunned members by the Home Secretary it almost seemed as if someone in government have decided to get tough on an organization before I discovered it?! Almost like a preemptive strike?

However in what is a very rare thing for anyone to see my write on this site I applaud, yes I did type that correctly, the approach she had in her aggressive stance towards an organization that had obviously run riot and incident from their reaction seen to think it's within their right to do so!

Oh yes you can bet that this hurt and was difficult for me to do but when someone does step up, take off the kid gloves and take a long standing problem by the neck and without blinking wings the life out if the evil ways I have to salute such an approach.

What is an even bigger surprise that this being a Conservative MP was that it was Theresa May of all people! Still this would have been an even greater shock had it been Hague, Smith or McVey!! This is because this hard nosed and balls to the wall speech come warning was delivered with a no nonsense and extremely sincere attitude which this others are not capable of doing.

To be honest I did not think Theresa May capable but yeah mite likely than the others, yes.

This is but just one thing, one subject area and one problem if which their are a great many. But it is exactly what I wanted to see as a start from the moment this blog came into existence!

So we have a start, a beginning, a breakthrough and the question now is does this how so there or does it continue on?

It is a rotten core in this country I was yet to discover as I work my way through from one rotten to the core organization to another. Yes I suppose I have concentrated on the obvious names because these names are the ones that anyone would naturally come into contact with. But with each there comes the associated organizations that are bunched in. These being governing bodies and ombudsmen but this is one organization I could not foresee coming across in my journey. This being a fact desire the fact that two Police Forces and the Independent Police Complaints Commission getting salvos fire at their broadsides by me on many occasions.

Hmm The Police Federation, eh? Who would have thought they needed it with their overblown salaries for taking old biddies home late at night and wanting to avoid violence at all costs, whether this be the crazed individuals seemingly field by drugs or thorns of disgruntled members if the public kicking off because they had, had enough?!

Despite my seemingly endless list of acquired enemy organizations it had now become obvious that it still remains to be seen just how many I have missed?!

Go figure!

May tells Police Federation to reform

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