Thursday, 22 May 2014


Well this BBC Report talks about how GPs have said no to charging patients!

Would sound good if it were bit fur the fact that to note charge patients when the lying to patients is now our of the bag wool certainly result in GPs being victims of violence. Oh and I mean real violence not some false accusation because a patient turns out to be smarter than you and realises your lying. Or tells you the information you just have gin about pills is actually wrong.

No, no.

Hmm I wonder if at some point a map of the UK, probably just England lol, where it would show you the ratio of complaints against GPs and another for hospitals!

I would imagine that the worst part would be London Boroughs? I would put money on it and I do not bet! Hmm in fact it would be entirely feasible that all the built up areas of large cities would price to be the areas of most complaints? Good God, that would go down like a lead balloon if that were the case.

Oddly enough I would have paid anything to have been told the truth and priority diagnosed thirteen years ago! After the years of horrors this avoidance caused me and some of the idiots I am had to ensure lectures from that were way of the mark asking the way no amount of money could make up for!
Oh that reminds me that bloody email!

GPs say no to charging patients

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