Sunday, 25 May 2014


Damn it!!

I state I want to live by the bloody sea and the process of properties by seaside towns starts to rocket?!
For the love of bloody God! Just my luck me and my big mouth!

Right! I don't want to live by the sea anymore I want to live in one of those little houses you get in a row near a coal mine! Like the ones that you see in the series Last Of The Summer Wine!

For people living on this types of houses who go on to make a huge profit and want to say thanks can donate 1% of their profit to me?!


Those in seaside towns my details are ...


Man, how many could I help if I really did have that kind of influence?!

Remember me speaking about bocks in the last few posts?! Ooh that night have been my computing blog post? Well I said I hate saying I want something out why to do something, or rather intend to, had a habit of going horribly wrong!

Here is an example, Lol.

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