Sunday, 25 May 2014


Was mooching about doing some housework and lit some insense while boling the kettle with some very old classic songs playing at a good level.

Despite those that know me being into more recent classics of the 70's and 80s along the lines of both Rock and even Pop (when done well that is) music I am into all kinds, though I draw the line with some and just cannot get into them.

To show my extreme varied tastes in music I also like the great composers, or elements of, along the lines of Mazoart, Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Grieg, Rachmaninov and many others. I also like the exceptionally good synthesizer and simlar artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Moby.

However today the track listings are somewhat different. These are around the 50's and 60's era pulled off a double CD I bought with tracks like Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Nillson)Some Enchanted Evening & I Love You So (Perry Como), Beyond The Sea (bobby Darin), Born Free (Matt Munroe), Windmills of Your Mind (Noel Harrison), Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Andy Williams), Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (B.J. Thomas), The Way You Look Tonight (Tony Bennett) along with a few others and one little famous tune by none other than Henry Mancini.

That would be the Pink Panther then.

I often think of my endeavours and tactics as like a suave big cat weaving in and out from the adverseties of intellectuals (well I thought they would be at any rate) and physical brutes. Swaying my way through a linear process pulling faces and poses as I go. Using true deep seated frustrations to provide the wrong message to those that would do injustices for nothing other than purely selfish reasons. Purely selfish reasons because they got it wrong and now are not prepared to suffer with the rest of society.

Twice recently ships have sank due to incompetence and it beggers belief the processes that exist to give careers like that to morons like that. In both cases the rumour mills ran riot with tales of how the Captains of said ship were the first to desert the ship! The oddest thing is that one ship ran aground near land making me wonder what the need for them to desert the ship so quickly was?

Panicking is the worst thing you can do in any given crisis and anyone that was down in the belly of the ship with a long journey to reach the decks had reason to panic. On the deck of the ship or even the ... the ship may be listing to one side and obviously sinking but I am aware that I can swim and that I can leap into the water at any time I want. Whether this be a 60 foot drop or a few inches.

Now an aircraft?! That is somewhat different as short of a big hole to leap through and a parachute your a bit buggered. But still panicking wont change the outcome of the event and this is something I have had to train myself to do over a very long time.

Wars of words with anyone and everyone became a walk in the park and a calm head allows me to use the right choices of words and phrases to make things absolutely clear of not only my complete understanding of what is going on behind the scenes for a fair old while but now that I have proof of the things I claimed went on behind the scenes.

Or to put it another way I had to know for sure I was right before I started using various devices to eventually capture them over and over. I also had to wait in inordinate amount of time before I knew I acquired enough to make it completely obvious to all, except the most naive for whatever reasons the naivety exists and there are many, of the truth behind the wild sounding claims.

So I mooched around while these old classics played along as majestic as the white fluffy clouds I can spy floating in a slow northerly direction from my current seated position. Wondering wether I will ever be sat in a nice restaurent while staring dreamily so at someone of great meaning to me who would softly laugh and one of my quips of my enemies and seeing a slight wrinkling of their nose in so doing? The warn flicker of candle light forcing her cheeks to glow in a way so beautiful? Knowing that my endeavours are mostly done with and being in a position to spend more time on me and doing more and getting further than the current restraints have upon me?

I am in positions I had long since only dreamed about. Using one single theory to grow this blog to grargantuan proprtions if not that old. Each enemy would only look up that which concerns themselves while not realising that my eandeavours as a whole make things absolutely certain to those that visit.

As one became an absolute obvious certainty as far as my predictions were heading then this gave ... gravitas to all others I made too.

I worked on the theory that if I can be right around 99% of the time as I endeavoured my way through it would eventually become clear to people that they could reliably say that this will follow through throughout all my endeavours and involvements?

One proved substantiates the others and the more that are concluded the more it shows that the others will simply follow suit?

Anyone coming on here only performing searches on themselves be it anyone from the NHS to the Police and all others besides will only see a small fraction of what I did.

For the longest of times from the moment I started I did emphasize one very importnant thing regarding everything I do, everything I say, everything I claim and everything I get? Always the importance of the bigger picture is paramount.

Hopefully now over the coming months as visitors both new and old peruse their way through that subject matters that are of primary interest to them gravitate to the newer posts this will now become clear. Once and for all.

Maybe befroe very long the windmills of my own mind will turn to a different tune?

Maybe then I can travel to where the weather suits my clothes?!

In the meantime I will continue to stroll along like a suave, cool and collected girlie coloured panther.


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