Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Walking along in the warmer temperatures and the slightest breeze but enough to cause waves in the cotton of my vest I continue to contemplate as I stride along.

I think of how the blog and I try to be all things to all people and that this is the toughest endeavour of all.

Doing so while those with evil in mind peruse the net seeking out potential threats to a amoral way of life in the hope os stemming the tide before it turns.

One would be a fool not to consider those of evils both big and small that one faces physically and not digitally are not ones to have to consider.

Every word, every step and every action has to be considered with all of the above in mind.

Those that desire to practice evil deeds for a merely amoral desire are large or powerful and indeed numerous. Each one very different in their core personality and these of course were factors one considers before deciding to take on what does and did appear to be the world!

I dare say many have long womdered the thought processess that were processed to come up with the ideas to do what I did and still do today? Using thruths as a misdirection would be an accurate description of what I did by appearing capable in the very opposite of that which they were.

Sound confusing?

Appearing a bit too intellectuals to the intellectuals would not afford me the chances to gain that which I desired, which was a contnued messing about to be able to acquire documentation and recorded evidence. So I appeared to have the brawn instead of the brains.

When it comes to the other end of the scale I simply switched things about and to the brawn I let them know of my intellect.

So no one I ever dealt with got to see the real deal or full potentionl, you could say, but was enough to make them think and also provided them with something I simply knew they would reach out and grab with both hands.

Showing anger to a Doctor, who know doubt would have spotted my larger than average biceps and triceps, would just think me some common thug like person, yeah letting the accent go wild was always a big help there. By doing this they did not really know how to take me or failed t perceive me as the potential threat I was. So going for the obvious label of someone easily provoked into violent conduct and completely bonkers was a carrot to juicy to pass up. Of course the anger conveyed the message that I would very imminently rock the boat and very hard too from side to side. Throw up a false target and bang!

The brawn victims that were missing brain cells got the other side to me and were presented with the intellectual oart of me. In so doing I offered those without brains yet a completely different target altogether and that one of cunning. But intellect and cunning do not always go together but those that are willing to do very immoral things for amoral reasons would naturally assume that I would be cunning and this was a target far too tempting to pass up.

Oh yeah but I did get accused of being violent there too but that I used cunning and intelligence to lure them into the property and then attacking them! Despite every avenue I pursued to get justice there was one simple solitary thing that lacked from every single one of them. To then put to the brainless brawns that if I had used that amount of cunning how did they manage to leave with so many items?

In matter of fact quite how did they get out of the property alive?!

Differences between opponents would dawrf in comparison to the differences between visitors and hopefully readers of this blog!

I did start out by stating that both I and this blog planned to be all things to all people?

In the very long time that this blog has existed and the far more numerous nuber of posts I have made I did need to be all things to all people to therefore reach all of the people. To come across to all right across the broad spectrum of personalities out there.

As one particular person failed to pick up on I let it … 'fly' however it wanted to fly at the time or putting it simply I allowed whatever emeotions I felt about any particular subject or event that took place within my own life to run free. So I could be timid at times, angry at others while very ocassionally being quite intelligent and even philosophical too.

Now with each of these subjects one particular post might only reach one faction of people based on the way that I wrote it at the time. But another post on another occasion would be worded in a very contasting way to the previous one. Then this type of post might convey the correct message to those I may have failed to do so previously?

The very idea was based on one of my most favourite sayings of all time but that which I rarely use but some of you may recall me stating it at some point or two in the last two years, nearly.

You can please ome of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

You can also only fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time of course!

I fully intended to attempt to completely break the first rule! The second one is completely impossible to break but the first one could potentially be so. With amoral people not withstanding of course!

In the entire existence of these blogs I also intended to use numbers as my weapons and here is something else whereby I can pull rabbits out of hats, as one family member once put it to me. One city was never enough for me in these goals and was pointless an endeavour unless eventually and fully realised!

When I started I had the odd person each week and today no less than five zeros have been added onto the end of these single figures. Some have stated an impressive achievement but one million was never enough.

In the time it has taken to reach this point a great deal has occurred along the way and all I need to do now is add just two more zeros to the five already achieved! The rest of the inetentions of this blog will hit all by themselves. Make no mistake. Even those visit once and did not agree may find themselves back without knowing and agree?

But in saying this I have quite deliberately ommitted to mention the very rule that I started out with at the blogs very early life …

This was never about me and it was never intended as a personality was merely about conveying the truth of what has been going on around you and nothing more and nothing less.

This August is fast approaching now and the final part of this little venture and the goal I intended will be declared and I think that on the face of it its highly likely that it will not seem immediately apparent. In fact I would bet on this being the case.

But in the twelve months that follow from that announcement it will become apparent at some pint within that time. I dare say some will immediately see it when reading it and others may have already guessed what it could be that will come this August?

I certainly hope that many have already guessed because it would be nice to know down the line that there are those out there that acute. It will also tell me that I have gambled correctly and as those that have come to know me on here I only gamble when I am absolutely sure that there is no other outcome other than winning!

Some things will inevitably meet a natural ending and so is the way of things. Nothing lasts forever and many things cannot be kept going foever. This is because eveything contained herin is based on the natural occuring of things and hence why it was always going to take a bloody long time. Despite the fact it had taken ten times as long before I started it!

This also is the case with Google and any money making that could come about as I naturally assume that everything is said and everything that is read is complete bullshit unless proven otherwise or the author or person comes across in such a manner that I can see and spot sincerity.

Unfortuanetly this has become all too rare and many industries we are forced to have to pay for have been slowly twisted and turned over the years to serve as instruments and weapons to achieve ulterior motives.

Unfortuanetly the ultimate goal is beyond the reach of this blog! But the blog is a tool to achieve it nevertheless. In fact it is the one thing that due to some unknown side of human nature only is achieved in certain circumstances. This goal may well be onvious to the more intellectual people but remains a secret still and will continue to do so. For there is one thing that I need to do before the ultimate goal is eventually achieved. That goal is, I hope, to become the benefit of mankind for years to come! But to achieve it you have to be fully aware of one simple thing.

It os the one and only goal when only death would be enough.

Hopefully that is some way off right now?

Now what bloody keywords do I come up with for this?!


Damn it! I am bloody forgetful...

Yes I wanted to achieve a number of things for a great many years now. Of curse I had no idea on how to go about achieving them to begin with.

I wanted to do something that had never been done.

I wanted to achieve things that had never been achieved.

I wnted to change things that had never been changed.

I wanted to shock and how people things the likes of which they never thought possible.

I wanted these things to reverberate for a very long time to come.

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