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Well after the vote counting of the latest elections concerning MEPs I think, started building up a picture began to emerge.

Now I had forgotten about these elections and as such did not remark previously about the sudden slinging of mud towers Nigel Farage and the imminent opening of polling stations. Yes now it seems all rather odd to be honest and I am now not the only one to note this.

I know several people all of which were going to vote for UKIP and either forgot or were prevented from doing it. I did not vote due to a technicality I enforced a couple of years ago.

Nevertheless many stunned and open mouthed members of the big the parties say in news studios either not knowing what to say, were honest and admitted their shock, our refused to admit anything was wrong and disagreed with everyone in the studio repeating herself and making remarks about how only one of two parties will win the next election. Annoying and patronizing remarks towards her peers. I found her so annoying I would want to vote not to have her as a member of parliament or anywhere near a Council!
Nigel Farage and his UKIP party did rather well. In fact that is quite an understatement if I am honest. As well as all the people I know that voted for no one else other than UKIP so did everyone on the street who were stopped and interviewed.

I thought that is odd I have seen and heard that 100% of this vote going to UKIP which begged the question how could I not of seen or heard of a single person claiming they vote for someone else! Anyone else?!
I myself have been impressed with Nigel Farage and as I stared previously he may have views I personally do not agree with but not heard any as of yet. I have made this fact most obvious throughout the life of this blog and I did vie in the same elections last time around and I voted UKIP.

In fact it was the only vote of my entire life. I have only ever vote UKIP! He he, not many people of my she could make that claim?!

What was also quite hilarious is that this surge of voters coming out in support of him if despite the fact that the mud slinging had been going on just prior to the elections. That and the fact that his defender from Croydon, a black guy, stated something interesting when he had a pop at interviews if the media for blatantly misusing the word 'racist' and demeaning it by using it for so manner of things that are not technically racist. He had a point, a very good one too and all that could be mustered by one of the most famous election anchorman there is was "Well what do you mean by that?!" from none other than David Dimbleby!

For a moment I actual thought that those in the studio, who were all English and white, were actually going to argue with a black man that the racist label had been used correctly and he is wrong?!

That would have been career suicide! This might not have seemed obvious to begin with but eventually it would.

I have trouble with people who behave badly and I have trouble with those that do not integrate. This was hammered into me when I heard on separate occasions of men openly admitting they were hear for the handouts and that we British are stupid, know nothing and they hate our country and culture. Three separate occasions!

One of these took place right here in Enfield a couple of years before I moved here.

One to place a couple of years after I moved here and was told to me by a local shop owner who was born in Kenya but lives Britain and considers himself British through and through.
The last one took place in the North West of England and was stated to a table with the English people sat at it, one being my daughter.

There may well be others but they do not spring to mind of my bad memory, lol.

So despite all the media people having a go at Nigel Farage and thinking that they are doing a favor to the British public they must be feeling very silly right now after the results if the voting came in!

Of interest was the reaction to an opposing idea I put to others over his popularity....

Two guys thought that now he had got these votes and for the next year the three parties and anyone else feeling stupid right now in the media would really start the mud slinging and racist accusations and look for anything to make a mountain out of a molehill?

I said "Well no actually. If you think about it the results were quite a shock to everyone as all these accusations were still flying about. They may think nitre that by doing what they did forced the Brutish public to get angry about it and vote for him?! Now if they do and I'd this is the case any mudslinging that keeps on relentlessly may have the same effect at the general election? Meaning they may do fat better at that than they did in these elections?"

Wide eyes and raised eyebrows were what I witnessed upon starting this asking with a "oooh" in stereo sound.

'Straight talking and not scared to say what he thinks even if he upsets someone!' That was the common statement heard by interviewers asking people about Nigel Farage.

Ever since I first saw him on Hard Talk a few years back this was the impression I got from him. From then on I have urged others I know to pay attention when he speaks in interviews which led to several mattress wanting to vote for him.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the media offices where they, or someone told them to, decided to attack Nigel Farage because I would live to see the looks on their faces and the things they said about it!
They have spent years telling politicians, all areas of the media, that they are cut off from British Society and insinuated that they do not have a clue. Only it now seems that those flinging the accusations about like confetti have now been caught with their pants down being guilty of the exact same thing!

I knew this for quite awhile and they notices are ulterior thigh what I do not know. When I decided to send what data I had and also sent to Police, MI5 and GCHQ the news media, desire contacting 80 % of national papers and TV News networks all of them combined completely failed to even schoolgirlish acknowledge me.

Now I have started this several times before but now I am going to put that in stark contrast by starting that both the Police and the Security Services both contacted me!

Putting them side by side like that dies look a bit strange does it not?

Now I also heard a report about social services failing children after Ofsted, another useless quango, did an investigation?! Yet another one of my subjects piping up in the media and just dues bit seem like doing until they have covered everything I have posted about and sent them data and proof of.

Stealing my stories and ideas to make money for themselves offer the back of a individual that has been through so this crap and has a disability?

Or do you think that they used it but did not want to mention me and that I pointed them in the right direction because it would make everyone look, well a bit stupid and unprofessional would it not?

I mean how could my endeavors be good enough for the Security Services and the Police while being too sensitive for The Jeremy Kyle Show but not good enough for newspapers and TV News?

You see sometimes things are just not that obvious until you place this side by side. Many, many things are scattered about within the two thousand odd posts throughout this blog that have these vastly contrasting differences if and when I decide to place them side by side!

For me the reasons for each are easy to know and to spot but I needed to place enough posts and subjects on here for quite some time and let the time tick by before then showing these contrasts.

There is a year to go to the general elections and this series of contrasting differences between one organization alongside others that one by one all will be simply shown to be obvious if what they do or indeed do not do.

Now I have steed what I want to over that I can tell you I emailed the PHSO so just awaiting confirmation that they did get my signed documents?

Hour that they have and hour that they do something but I am afraid I have my doubts on both points. But then this is why the big exists or at least one of the main reasons.

I told you what went on before.

I told you what I will do in the future.

I told you who I would contact.

I told you how it would go.

During all this I provided the evidence where I could and if I remembered to do it.

Still am and just about a week from now that reaches it natural end, well the NHS at far as dealing with them directly that is.

That leaves then just the PHSO and what they and the NHS decide to do. I expect a negative response to be honest. Yes it will be a foolhardy thing to do by doing nothing, or lying or concocting lame excuses. 

Foolhardy that is to think I had not only predicted this but had myself a back up plan for it!

It is also odd how everything seems to be converging all at the same time at the same point, with a few exceptions still to desk with like the Police for one.

August 2014 was kind of a long term point of time to reach. I have had notification that the numbers are officially impressive by a large company and also told to keep it up and the things I have done unbelievable. Stating I was going to be big before very long. I know one carrot cruncher who will climb the walls and then chew on them upon reading that but hopefully he has buggered off?

The PHSO investigation is proceeding and has been for a couple of months, our at least I hope it has!

I am also planning to do something I have wanted to do for several years and will complete in about three weeks and week have pictures and videos.

Very peculiar, lol.

Farage: UKIP now 'serious players'

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