Monday, 11 April 2016


I am just lacking in energy and drive of late.

I have hardly been out of the house the last two days and I am struggling to find something to motivate me today, really, really most unlike me.

The weather is crap and looks to stay that way a number of days, marvellous.

Plus there was some bizarre name dropping recently and some information reached my ears that not only did no one tell me but involves someone I recently mentioned.

God, I hate it when the men I know allow the egos to rule them.

There has also been a death in the family though I found out several days late, as one member of the family has failed to delete a five year old mobile phone number from her phone despite being asked to do this a dozen times.

Also my sister is expecting her first ever baby, and I wish her luck with that. However she is finding and will continue to find over the next ten months that we now live in a country lacking compassion, despite the number of help, advice and support organisations there claims to be out there.

This will hit her hard as she has worked her backside of for twenty years or more often at the expense of many things friends and family related.

She is already living with ... well 'in laws' despite them both working because the house prices and rent prices went way beyond ridiculous over a decade ago.

Stupid, stupid prices that are not realistic in any way only made worse by the constant influx of you know who combined with the lack of building both cheap homes and social housing. Then you factor in to all this the growing number of Londoners, though there aren't many left.

Good God I really lack energy, I really do.

There are things I need to get and have done a couple of days and trying to use these menial chores to get my arse out of my door.

None helped by the fact I am stuck in a rut I never saw myself being in at this moment in time.

And I STILL need to replace my damn camera! LMAO!

Oh and a prescription pill has disappeared into a gap, as it did about two weeks back, in my throat and I only know as something is seeping out and burning like hell as it does so!

I cannot have this happening any longer and will discuss this with a dozen other things at my next GP appointment.Good God it burns ...

One of the following ...

  • Gabapentin (which I oddly have wanted replacing years ago) - Fibromyalgia
  • Tramadol (which needs either upping or replacing with something better) - Back Pain
  • Ramipril (This not been checked for an age now ..) - Stage 2 Hypertension
  • Oh its 173 Systolic and 108 Diastolic, Blood Pressure, so yeah not dealth with
  • Atrovastatin - Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol
  • Lansoprazole ( I have wanted Nexium for 4 years or so) Oesophagitis, Hiatus Hernia
  • Metoclopramide - Bad nausea, Postural Hypotension, travelling on Bus in Cars or just in thoue HOUSE
  • Quinine Sulphate - Night Cramps, really bad night cramps, I cannot speak a single word
  • Amitriptyline - Fibromyalgia
  • As the first three are contained in capsules I will assume that it was one of those three getting stuck?! Need LIDOCAINE!!

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