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Well this is odd.

The numbers to the last posts shot up, the NHS one most of all, then fell flat through Sunday and now, Monday morning, have spiked considerably.

The NHS breakdown post has shot past anything I have posted in the last few weeks, so maybe we are finally getting somewhere?

I have a couple of other posts I need to post up, one more to do with deep and philosophical kins of thoughts. Not supposed to marry up with science, philosophy that is, but I do not know why they say that. I have always been rather partial to both. Though I have a degree in one I did consider acquiring a degree in Philosophy too. In fact I was envious of a really nice woman I attended some lectures with at Middlesex University, called either Miranda or Melanie, as she did a joint degree in both Applied Computing and Philosophy.

Lost contact with her and so wish I had not.

Yeah so there is a deep thought like post coming up.

Had a rare visit from my sister and of course my house was a total mess, odd as I had this urge to rifle through everything like a nutter. While in her car started to feel that dreadful nausea coming on and was pressing hard into my neck into a tender region, as I have woken up finding myself doing on occasions. In fact I go through a period of doing that several mornings out of just a few and then I seem to stop for ages. Very weird and something to do with why I was sent for a DEXA scan due to Osteopenia a few weeks back.

Ooh yeah I forgot about that in my NHS breakdown. Well in fact there are over 100 symptoms to Fibromyalgia I did not go through but did not see the point. Can be so boring for a reader just to go through an inordinately long list of health symptoms.

I used to say it was around 120 but my right knee turned out to be a separate problem and at last some of my back is too, neck and thoracic. In fact that Dr Kirkham did look at my back and did a lot of 'hmm'ing' and 'ahhh'ing' so maybe the buggered back shows how bad the Fibromyalgia is?

Because Fibromyalgia Syndrome is to to a natural kink in your central nervous system taking a whack to some point and becoming even more kinked. This leads to not receiving non-restorative sleep which screws up your brain and without it cannot 'reset' itself each night and fires things off all over the place. You might call these signals 'red herrings' as there is nothing there, except the pain is exactly the same as if they ARE there. Hence why it can be classed as a disability.

The difficulty comes when you only have Fibromyalgia causing a few things and of course as I have already established, the NHS and GP's wanting to avoid diagnosing anything they can because they are obscure.

I long for the day with a Star Trek like 'tri-corder' that can diagnose you in an instant. No more lying and avoiding tricks, and hopefully by then much better was at ridding people of all of these obscure ailments and especially the 'syndromes'.

I hope this spiking is a sign because I could do with a bit of a boost. I have been lacking my mojo of late and it has been driving me nuts. I keep nodding off too, don't know what that is all about. I am even praying for dear life that acquiring this new camera is going to make my hyperactive again?!

This is the time of you I should be becoming more active and cycling a lot more and with a camera in tow. A decent camera and a decent zoom bridge camera at the very least. Because of photographing and filming birds, you see? Anything else animal wise at a distance too, so most mammals. Because of my knowledge I can normally identify a majority of things and at least know its something out of the ordinary. Well, if it stands still for 5 seconds! Lol.

I have people into animals, scientists even, that come along and use my location and recordings on YouTube to track animals and even study differences in bird song of the same species but different geographical locations. The Yellowhammer for example.

So I help keep a check on populations of given areas, something I would very much like to spread further afield.

I did used to drive an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0V6 but thanks to illegally losing my Disability Living Allowance about 8 years back I was forced to sell it and lost £2,000 on it. This is fresh in my mind because my sister is trying to sell her Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 Manual and I was explaining that had I not lost my car my blogs and YouTube channel would have ten times as much content as they currently do.

With the visitors to everything passing the 300,000 mark some weeks ago you could guess that this number would at least have a zero on the end of it?

That is why I contacted all those people ... and then some I filmed the envelopes to that either claim to take people to court on your behalf or offer help to disabled people...

This was not all of them and was actually 'Wave 2' of possibly three, as some may have given me others to approach, cannot recall but was at least one, AvMA.

There was these but not included with the mentioned 'Wave 2' and these were letters to literary agents about 3 books (two corruption one amphibians) I approached them about prior to blogging, it seems that acquiring over 300,000 people across the blogs and YouTube channel does not amount to much.

Maybe you need to be a brain-dead TV, Film or radio celebrity to be taken seriously about getting published? Degrees, experience and knowledge do not count for much, just ask J.K Rowling who was rejected countless times for Harry Potter and I even read that her being accepted was actually a mistake on the literary agents part? Lol.

Onwards and SIDEWAYS.

Looking outside ... grey and being outside ... COLD!


I start to wonder if I want to buy an expensive camera as things go so wrong and so sideways soo often that I tell myself 'You will buy this camera and it will be SHITE weather all summer, just you watch!'. Lol.

Short range shots and filming and the Sony is still OK for ... umm I think?

I digress.

Yes so that is the film of most of the help agencies, charities and organisations advertising legal representations. Hmm, when did I post that I wonder?

It was posted on the 23rd March and I probably posted the letters 24 to 72 hours earlier? SO well over a month since I have posted them.

On the legal front I got three 'NO's' with some serious changing of the goalposts without seeing, listening or even asking for any evidence. That was Patient Claim Line.

On another I have got a 'NO' and then this changed to a 'Maybe' for the same reply that Patient Claim Line got which they then got snooty and insulting about while also moving the goal-posts.

I cannot recall if there were any others.

So I spent a number of years gathering the best evidence in the world while helping someone close to me for three years with a case that judges said was the biggest they have ever seen and for someone with short term memory issues too.

So registered disabled, buggered feet, back, ankles, knee and memory and a mountain of data, helping with someone else's case so that they win and I get ... nothing. Lol.

But wait? Did I not say this is what would happen?

In all honesty if I ever got someone to act on my behalf legally I would have a fit and then pass out. I tell you it would literally be such a shock to me it would take me days to get over it. Even weeks later I know I would stop and think ... 'blimey, this is actually happening?!'

I just did a search for 'medical negligence no win no fee' and the top three in the search results are 

  • Slater Gordon
  • Patient Claim Line
  • Irwin Mitchell

All of which I have contacted about my evidence.

  • No answer, which is rude
  • No, rude and moving the Statute of Limitation from 3 years to 2 (their own rules)
  • No answer, which is technically, once again, rude

Just contacted ... EDITED


Let us see how they respond? Instead of what I did last time I sent the chronological list that made AvMA to go from 'No' to 'Maybe', though I have not heard back from them. Lol.

I have always maintained that everything is corrupt or false and was my suspicion that these companies just advertise on TV to make us think, while they do away with Legal Aid and any rights you have left, that there is still an avenue to traverse should anything go awry.

That was my suspicion.

I have approached a number of them with the best evidence in the world, already proved for them that I did have something wrong with me three times over, which they failed to help me with three years ago. I have also managed to do all this within the three years Statute of Limitation but I have short term memory issues anyway. Plus the other court case I helped with.

So I have legitimate reasons for taking as long as I have.

  • Getting enough evidence
  • Getting recording of Doctors lying and one admitting falsifying test results
  • Helping daughter with her legal case for several years
  • Having short term memory issues
  • Keep going to these people, who say no, and forced to move ojnto the next one

There you go, four things I can think of, off the top of my head. Lol.

I remember once before someone being narky because they found out I had contacted several others ... errr there is a Statute Of Limitations on these things, as much as I disagree with them!

SO many people have a vastly overrated view of their own intellect and all because of a job position they hold. SO very funny, lol.

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