Monday, 25 April 2016


What is this I spy on the BBC NEWS app?

The NHS is to pay GP Surgeries £2.4 billion, I think it was, to 'get back on their feet'?

Now one of two things is going on here ..

First off these are incentives for GP's to lie and not refer, add I've proved they are doing or..

Secondly they have realised they are beaten and manoeuvring into a damage limitation mode.

Which means ... it might actually be over?

Or it might be a third thing and that is to throw me a curve-ball. Well there remains one thing they need to do, to achieve convincing me.

An interesting news report, nonetheless.

Added to this is another story regarding a claim by government that the BMA, British Medical Association, is 'trying to topple government'? Hmm another bloody body to do with medicine that I've never heard of. Along with the Royal College of GP's.

Funny that in the two years of complaining to the GMC, NHS England and the PHSO that they failed to mention these two bodies. Didn't mention NICE either, though I was already aware of them.

I cannot help but wonder exactly how many of these bodies exist and what in the hell they have all been doing while the NHS has had its name tarnished for well over a decade?

Why ask coming out of the woodwork ... oooh, of course. Lol.

NHS in £2.4bn funding boost for GP services in England -

Junior doctors' leaders 'trying to topple the government' -

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