Tuesday, 5 April 2016


I find many things odd.

Sometimes the picture is foggy as hell yet I will still see it sometimes immediately and sometimes after just a few days.

But I almost always see it just the same.

A few days ago there were two news reports in a single day that I thought were kind of strange appearing together. It is definitely something I need to keep an eye out for. Two reports that together seemed kind of ... well, backwards.

One was to do with the NHS and hospital care and how they found out people were suffering and now I am trying to remember it I cannot. Maybe it was to do with mental health patients? Whatever it was it was bad ... as is unfortunately so often usual with the NHS of late and on here.

The other was to do with the British Steel plant at Port Talbot and the plans to close it down by Tata and yes I feel for those affected.

Now there is one other thing to mention from one of the two reports and the best way to highlight the way the government and public services see things as important is by stating right now that I am going to first ask you which of the two reports it would belong to. A movement was made that was kind of en emergency and knee jerk reaction to one of the two above. So which one of the above involves an emergency?

To me an emergency can be many things but more often than not and top of the list is threats to human life, the loss of human life with pain and suffering close behind.

Oddly these only appear as emergencies and worth dealing with if they are on a grand scale although do not ask me what numbers they need before they act because I do not know. Deaths would be in the dozens, pain and suffering would have to be in the hundreds. Maybe even thousands?

The Prime minister was called back home, so presumably he was abroad on holiday, because of this emergency.

He came back because Tata was going to close down the steel plant at Port Talbot.

Not for the reports regarding the NHS. I guess not enough patients were affected, or anyone related to anyone important or was rich?

But the DWP having to pay hundreds of people's benefits and rent? Jesus it is money, set battle stations! LMAO!

It is odd comparisons like that I have been witnessing for 15 years or more now that have greatly increased over the years in both their frequencies and their contrast.

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