Monday, 25 April 2016


I got a call from someone ... to do with taking the NHS to court.

I don't know why they bothered to ring and it turned out, whoever it was, that I approached them in 2014, though I don't recall.

But then I don't recall quite a lot.

It was a Birmingham number I think ...

0161 393 8003

Possibly National Accident Helpline.

At least this one gave me a clearer message as to why I'm not getting anywhere ... no actual injury.
Except I've had a lot on pain for years for having the wrong drugs. That does not seem to count. The explaining about an ultrasound test result for an inguinal hernia, which can cause gangrene meaning while groin removed or fatal, does not count either. Because there was no injury.

They need to change the names of these companies/organisations.

I think they are just not good enough of too shit scared to go up against the NHS. Maybe both? Who knows?

Also mental stress does not count for nothing with these people so my advice would be don't bother. Unless you have a very, VERY obvious ailment, like broken leg or someone died, you can't get anywhere.

Odd this as I am sure that everyone else other than these so called Personal Injury claims companies, governing bodies like the GMC and Ombudsman, see what I have as an 'open and shut case'.
They want cases so damn easy you could handle them yourself, provided you could pay the court fees, if they are needed up front of course.

There are the letters, reports, emails and recorded audio, my medical records state that I've had all this and my high blood pressure as a result including pain, but no. Nada, zilch, nothing and zip!
No wonder why they are making money but then when I look at the number of these out there ... I find it hard to believe that there are that...

.. ooh I've just had another call from someone else to say it's being looked at and someone will call this afternoon or tomorrow.

The lady laughed when I said anyone calling me would be a bonus.

You know how far I think this one will go.

As I was typing, I find it hard to believe that there are that many clear cut accidents that occur that can keep all these companies making money?! Madness.

Especially when I think that there are likely wins desire the fact that the person injured was either partly or wholely responsible for there own accident.

So I think I might start my own company called ...

National Only Serious Accident and Clean Cut Cases Only Helpline?

The NOSA-CCC-OH? Lmao!

Yeesh. After this there will not be much point as in a years time I would have gone beyond the Status of unfair Limitation on this, which is three years apparently, and no one will be interested.

"I don't know why you rang, really?!" is what I said to that man ringing from the Birmingham phone number. "Courtesy" is what he said.

Well you could have told me 'no' in an email without disturbing me and most people, organisations don't answer anyway. Lol!

If I thought I would get anywhere I'd have this plan in the back of my head about what I'd do if I won. If even pick up car magazines and do some 'window shopping' but I don't. Ever. Lol.

The UK is such an inefficient country it's simply not true. Waste, waste, waste or con, con, con while expecting huge salaries if the way I see it.

I wish I'd been born in any other country than this one, except the middle East. Plus most of Africa, lol.

I spoke before, if I posted it, about the possibilities of our souls coming back in another human form? Well to get me back they will have to prise me off that rock I would cling to for dear life! Especially if it's anywhere near London! Lol.

Meanwhile some terrible crimes are going unpunished and are happening every single day currently and have been for over a decade now.

Got there shit tied up pretty tight, have they not?

Got everyone chasing their tails so much in the UK that even when these crimes become clear to them it's a case of

"oh terrible, but it's not happening to me or my family so ..."

If someone that that to me I would answer ..

"...that you know of! This didn't exactly appear to me immediately. It was thirteen years of slowly realising and then proving it with recordings."

That no organisation has ever asked me for.

If you wanted to be underhanded there are many things you could do and say that they sinking do not.
In other words, not too bright. Despite the fact that some can be downright patronising yet unable to explain themselves not answer two simple questions. Lol.

If I get one effing person tell me I've contacted several others linked to them I'll explode!

Because according to Patient Claim Line the Status of Limitations is actually two years and not three.
They told me that was the reason they could not act.

Whereas the Birmingham man told me there was no injury as such.

Hmm, I wonder if all the others will ask be different or just one of the two listed above?


Still at least I got to do that which I intend.

Show on my blog that you can go to dozens of organisations for legal representation to several Ombudsman and governing bodies and with the best evidence, nothing happens.

People have to be seeing by now that those three completely different industries have not shown any interest in seeing and letters or listening to any recordings being a lot more than merely suspicious?

Legal bodies and accident helplines watchdogs and ombudsman.

Even my once naysayer and doubtful sister was shocked at me not getting any help and the Statute of Limitation going from three years to two.

She rolled her eyes and said 'typical, how can they do that?'

Because I got grief of family and friends for my condition not being listed correctly, desire being known.

Even Mr Birmingham said "ooh right" when I pointed out going from Gabapentin to Amitriptyline and both unrelated drugs working, then what Black's Medical Dictionary said. These two totally unrelated drugs both happen to have positive effects on Fibromyalgia.

To go from one to the other you must know it's Fibromyalgia and no they are all not just painkillers.
To give them to me on the guest place, state they won't work on my back but the Tramadol I should keep taking because they will work on my back? Well they must have known both diagnosis then.
Funny that. Because I hadn't been told! Lol!

I didn't find out my diagnosis for Fibromyalgia until months later and confirmed months after that.
My back?



Lots of pain.


Running out of avenues with the NHS to be honest.

But we will see what transpires over the rest of 2016.

EDIT: HMM as well as not adding labels or tags, though it says it did, Google's Blogger App is completely incapable of adding updates as well.

God know how many visitors they have cost me over 3.5 years but I welling tobet it is in the tens of thousands?

Anyway the edit that never got added ... TWICE ...

Edit: Been told by a solicitor's spokesperson this may be something they can deal with?! Shock, surprise and bewildered. Not for long I suppose. Lol.
LATE EDIT: Another one has ring me and wait for it ...
I have ACTUALLY been asked to send in the documents as well as ... RECORDINGS?!
Soo ... that is a first and if your gonna blow someone off because your corrupt ... this IS the correct way to do it without looking guilty! There I let the cat out of the bag and the reason the others have been so damned annoying, lol.
I know they are going to say no but it is still infuriating when they do. When the public services, especially the NHS and Doctors have committed crimes like this they should not get away with it and it should NOT be this hard to get action!
But someone gets how to do it properly, well if I get fobbed off at the end. Hmm maybe they checked on here and realised how they should be doing it so that it looks like they might actually do something? Lol.
You ask for the evidence, documents and recordings and make it LOOK like your going through the motions and then tell them they do not have a case, lol.
You do NOT just tell them they do not without looking at the evidence. That kind of gives you away in a very big way. Or maybe it is just me that sees these ... little things that are the dead give away?

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