Friday, 8 April 2016


I did something very rare for me to do, I think it was out of boredom more than anything else?

I entered a competition!

They sent me a link to post up place so I will put in on here.

I hate competitions and never enter them as I have quite literally hardly ever won anything, significant anyway.

The one and only time I ever won anything was a competition on Planet Rock Radio, which has gone downhill lately in my opinion and I listen to Absolute Rock now.

I won two tickets, I since realised I should have sold lol, to see Joe Bonamassa at the Gibson Guitar Studio a few years back.

A friend of mine I got into listening to Planet Rock Radio who then got into Joe Bonamassa went with me.

Anyway if your an Intel die-hard fan, fanboy or whatever and do not like AMD then this competition wont be for you, lol.

There are two very nice looking gaming PC's to be won, Logitech G's or something. A host of other prizes from Athlon chips to Radeon R9-370 graphics cards.

Best of luck! ;)

EDIT: Oops! Wrong blog! Oh well, lol.

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