Saturday, 23 April 2016


In the failure to actually take anyone to court, because no one wants to, keeps making excuses are completely inept at law or whatever, I do try something else.

I try provocation.

If for some bizarre unknown reason, yeah like I don't know, I cannot take anyone to court the answer is therefore obvious...


If I succeed I will then be taken to court!

Except in the last three and a half years I have failed to succeed in this second most important aspect of all this.

When I have they have failed to succeed and that numbers five times.

Someone that I know I could not get to approach a solicitor was then taken to court by the very people I wanted her to act against. She won and unless I was misinformed she won BIG TIME!

But despite my ability to be able to help her I have, as yet, been able to repeat that process ... oooh I forgot. That was the thing that all last year was giving me grief and why it never crossed my mind to approach these people! Damn it, fibrofog!

Anyway, yes. I have not succeeded in getting anyone to help me, despite my mountain of evidence, recordings and paperwork. Despite my health conditions, pains and memory lapses.

So I ... provoke! Lol. Take ME to court, why don;t you?

  • There are inept at being lawyers
  • They are scared they wont win
  • They are scared that is is I that will win
  • They never had any intention of taking anyone to court
  • Any combination of the above
  • This in itself is me provoking to be taken to court by being insulting as they are now checking my blogs for what I have posted and said!
Notice I gave them that link?

Is there absolutely any version of this where I wont win?

I will win but unfortunately is has taken me on the path that is the long way round!

I have had this gut feeling lately that something is going to happen this year. I do not know what, just a gut feeling.

Just because they SAY they are lawyers, does not mean they are good. Like charging the big bucks though, do they not?

Starts looking good, goes bad. Story of my life, lol.

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