Saturday, 23 April 2016


Well I have made an official complaint now to the Legal Ombudsman about Patient Claim Line and there members of staff.

Oddly I had completely forgot, as is so often the case, to also mention I had previously contacted The Law Society about all this a few days back. No reply as yet, wow now there's a surprise!

Anyhoo just for sake of record and as always I am posting up the email I sent to the Legal Ombudsman.


Dear Sirs

Patient Claim Line/British Law/Legal System

I want to mainly complain about Patient Claim Line but the other listed above too.

I have been trying to get legal representation for several years now for medical negligence.

Now initially, as I was telling the truth, I thought this would be a simple act of acquiring a private medical report and then taking the NHS to court, but no. Everyone I contacted said I had less than a 50% chance.

Now with my many areas of pain I also suffer from memory lapses in a bad way.

So what I did was start out on a lengthy course of action to prove what I had wrong with me, acquire Doctors lying and to render this incontrovertible I had to not do this once, as it may well not have been enough judging from the initial response, but several times.

·         Prove my SEVERAL conditions
·         Prove they were lying SEVERAL TIMES
·         Re-approach organisations that talk themselves up like they can sue anyone

I did all of the above and then some.

Except Patient Claim Line were first both rude and patronizing and then when I pointed out a few things they insinuated I was lying and stupid.

However the one funny thing is I have a blog and on that I have maintained for 3.5 years that I was suspect that despite the adverts on radio, TV and newspapers no one has ever any intention of doing anything and that the whole British legal system is a farce and nothing but lies. (or does not matter).

It is absolutely shocking that no matter how long I am at this, how much I acquire as evidence on the NHS, and I have many other public services besides and am well known even with MP’s one of which used my data to attack Iain Duncan-Smith in January 2013, no one seems to appreciate the gravity of this and the highly serious nature of the crimes, almost like they are both known and accepted.

How can you wriggle out of acting after everything I have done? This makes most organisations, I am still looking, look like a front to make the British public believe that there are still avenues to take that do not actually exist!

Now I am going to copy and paste their last email to me, when I give them a breakdown of the times and dates.

I also need you to ask me that ...

Why is it then when I have explained to ombudsman, GMC, NHS England and organisations such as these that I have all this proved several times over and have all these recordings that highly suspiciously no one has EVER asked me for them.

So decisions made, like the recent I have less than a 50% chance, are done without viewing any documents at all or listening to a shred of my recordings and that when I challenge them on this they get even more rude and snooty than they did previously and move the goal posts for Statute of Limitation to 2 years instead of 3.

Three years is hardly fair when it applies to the public and not organisations and when there is no legal aid and no organisations to truly help you or even understand that after spending several years I am disappointed and angry that with all my efforts and helping other for nearly four years, no one wants to get off their arses and help in any way at all?!

I will send you copies of the emails with the follow up email, as I cannot copy and paste

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


  1. St Thomas Hospital in London entered fraudulent and malicious information on my medical record to hide their incompetence and discredit me. I only found out because i regularly check my records based on previous experience of corruption at this trust. They have admitted in writing that the entries were bogus - only because they were unable to answer a subject access request to provide information that would have substantiated their allegations. Of course, the data did not exist because the claims were fraudulent, so they finally admitted the entries were "incorrect". This is fraud, a criminal offence,misconduct, but the NHS is so arrogant because they have been getting away with it for years. No apology, no explanation. But there's no one to complain to as PHSO is also corrupt - i once sent them audio evidence of an nhs consultant lying and they said the evidence was "irrelevant"!

  2. Not sure if it is here but the PHSO kept telling me for 18 months they were working on my complaint.

    Then two years into it, with only a year left to go to be able to take legal action, they answered a request for an update with "Who are you?"

    They then proceed to tell me that they have no records of me contacting them and I give them the name of the person dealing with the complaint and they tell me they have not heard of him?! I tell them I still have all the emails from him and that the email addresses are clearly coming and going via their servers and I never hear form them again!

    This is their idea of handling a complaint for someoe with a listed condition that can and is causing serious short term memory issues.

    I recently stated to my GP that I was having serious issues doing normal day to day things and what can I do to get help and instead of being told that I would be referred to an Occupational Therapist I instead get told to ask the Citizen's Advice Bureau?!


    I have far, far more data than I have ever put online and far, far more data than the NHS thinks I have ;)

  3. Oh I am very familiar with PHSO corruption. And GP corruption and hospital corruption. I also have tons of evidence, I covertly record ALL interactions, which BTW is legal. MY NHS gp told me - when i presented with typical brain tumour symptoms - to "go home and see if it gets better". They will let you die before they give you a specialist referral because it cuts into their profits. Have you tried contacting any investigative journos with your evidence? Bad publicity is more effective than anything else. There is also a PHSO pressure group on FB called "Got something to say about PHSO" or something like that.

  4. To be honest regarding journalists I sent each of them four DVDs with each one to full capacity and I did this a year before I started blogging...

    I never ever received anything from them by way of a thank you or even an acknowledgement outside of a couple of automated emails .. but then ...

    I suspected they were corrupt as everyone else. Lol

  5. Well I applaud what you have done with this website. Most people think I am exaggerating when I talk about the staggering scale of NHS corruption, but sooner or later they will fall foul of the system themselves. You wonder how many deaths they have really covered up. I mean, considering they employ sociopaths who make fraudulent entries on medical records, I suspect we will never know the full scale.

  6. Thank you. That means a lot.

    I now exactly where you are coming from. Not only did their lying, cheating and in-action leave me with considerable pain, discomfort and embarrassing symptoms but I was also not believe by friends and family ... some even thought I was making it up for a time. I have also met someone else with Fibromyalgia who went through the same. He was over about 2 or 3 years where mine was over a cursed 13 years plus.

    Everyone who doubted now knows that the system is corrupt and just how I had stated it was and I get

    conversations all the time from their own experiences.

    It might interest you to find out how I caught the all out on one occasion as I waited to be turned down for PIPs, latest application, then when they denied it I asked for for all documents. Months later and beyond the legal time limit they told me they could not find any. I told them that I know full well they would do this and had been waiting for it. I simply told them that I knew that Doctors were handing over fraudulent accounts but had to have something in to protect themselves. I told them that they would never be allowed to hand them over to anyone that asks for them and would indeed 'burn them'. Ten days later a lump sum of £4,500 was pin into my account by them. Remember this was after being refused. Lol.

    As for what you say about the falling foul of it ... yes I still use that message on here and I call the doubters Ostriches. I have a bit of a go to wake people up, tell them that I have done all this to pre-warn and help them but that they choose to ignore it or not listen to the tapes and help themselves. More or less don't complain if you walk into the middle of something as I did warn you.

    Also interesting is the fact that these in-actions must have cost lives and a great many too. What I wondered is whether or not in time and because of people lie us, that a large number may investigate the premature deaths of people close to them and find out that their loved ones have died for the sake of money?

    A sad but interesting theory is that those that choose to ignore or bury their heads in the sand or contributing to the further loss of life and the continuation of these practices.

    One brother said to me recently is what now annoys him is that they did all this to lie, cost people lives all for the sake of a few quid or a few hundred quid here and there but they still get their salaries of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. This is the key part of all this for me. It is that realisation that will send the public into a frenzy once it is widely enough known.

    These things are like a magicians magic tricks for me. It is all clever trickery that wors for them but I work on the basis that once enough people are aware of how the trick is performed it ceases its effectiveness. Therefore it will no longer work.

    I have jobsworths argue with me that if what I said was going on that they would know and I react angrily to this stating "Well they are not going to tell you are they, you idiot? These plans are made at the top, if you and your colleagues all knew you would tell your partners, they would tell their friends, those friends would tell their families and so on and so forth and it would never work!"

    I feel pretty confident that it will get found out, be widely reported and then stop. I am just helping speed up the process.

    After all ... nothing lasts forever. ;)

    However I now have to go to have a scan on my head at Royal Free Hospital ... so provided I do not have a malignant brain tumour that my put a premature time limit on what I am attempting to do I will keep going. Be just my typical bad luck that I would not live long enough to see this all end.

  7. Oh and I do not know if the specialist/Doctor I saw yesterday thought I was angling for something but when she said "I do not think your epileptic as you do not want to be that" I answered "Oh no, I already ruled out being epileptic" and she looked at me with surprise. Lol.

    Unless it was just how accurate my observation was?

    I just have to figure out how in the hell I am going to get to the Royal Free Hospital and back and I also have my court appeal acknowledgement come through too.

    I am officially the busiest unemployed person on the planet with likely the poorest educated person on the planet, lol.

    My other blogs, by the way, are on CPUs and Computing (my BSc SIngle Honours in this subject), Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, British Wildlife, Orchids, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Japanese Maples and a host of others I am knowledgeable in. I always like to see if I have more than one thing in common with someone interesting? Lol.

  8. Funny you mention brain tumours because i have one. My corrupt nhs gp practice ignored my symptoms for years, fobbed me off and said it was "stress" (standard legal defence for failing to provide a diagnosis or onward referral). After being ignored for 6 years i went to a and e and guess what - inoperable brain tumour. If caught earlier I could have done something - like avoid mobile phones, dental x rays, etc or maybe it could have been removed. So i intend being a massive thorn in the side of the nhs for as long as I can. This dickhead gp does not know that i covertly recorded several consults. I'm going to see if they would like to make me a deal or risk me putting the audio online or going to the police to report criminal conduct. I think it's going to be fun. Of course fraud (that includes omissions on medical records) is a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006 - and there is also a new offence of wilful neglect. The reason they keep getting away with it is that there is no mechanism for reporting criminal conduct by these fuckers. NHS own system does not deal with criminal conduct, neither does NHS Fraud Protect. They only care about losing money, not killing people. These greedy GP fuckers literally cost people's lives because they don't want to pay for a referral; it cuts into their profits. It is ludicrous that a private contractor (that's what nhs gps are) blocks taxpayers from accessing the NHS which the taxpayers fund. PS Is there a way I can contact you off this public forum? I could do with your advice on a couple of things before I approach these bastards.

  9. ps. for a laugh, you can report anonymously to the Quality Care Commission. You can do it online. They are probably as corrupt as the rest, I don't know. A savvy person might pick up on it. I would frame it in the context of risk to public health as opposed to liability for your personal issues as they may take more notice that way