Monday, 4 April 2016


Going two better there than one Roger Waters, from his and Pink Floyd's lyrics to the track One Of My Turns, if I remember correctly, from The Wall album.

Good job with the live alum of the latest live concert to The Wall, Roger, but about time you did a follow up to the very good Amused To death? Maybe? Lol.

Anyhoo on to my bad days.

I agreed, though I shouldn't have done really, to look after some pets for a friend while they was in Italy. Odd as they always lectured me on how to spend money and one is broke and the other not worked for 18 months but have been to both Norway and Italy this year alone.

I have no doubts that there annual 3 week visit to Crete is only a couple of months away too?

Well the day before my first visit to feed both aquariums, four ponds, five tortoises, a Goldfinch Muel, Canary and one talking Budgerigar I got tired in the afternoon, despite doing very little. I had to return home but had a GP appointment to get to and I had a print-out I wanted to give him, as my memeory causes me to forget to mention things to him. I had so many now that some might be important, crucial or even life threatening. Unless we, or rather you, are a Doctor you simply do not know. Funny how the government expects us all to be Doctors though? Lol.

At home I was drained, still intending to make my appointment and went to go upstairs to get something and my right ankle, or Achilles tendon, clicked badly and I jerked in pain and then fell onto my wooden stairs. Ouch!

Fell asleep on the sofa and never made my appointment. First time that has happened in a few years, do not know if I am going to be charged that £10 they talked about for that.

The following day I was waiting for a package to arrive, from the UK E-CIG store, a bit odd, of e-liquids for my ... ahem, well e-cigarettes of Marshmallow Man, Suicide Bunny's Original Bunny and Donuts Juices ... umm Donuts. I had a quick run through all the major vape stores websites when I spotted something at the Juice Shop's website.

A Smok TFV4 micro atomiser!

I had wanted one of these since finding out they existed but thus far they only seemed to come in a kit with a box mod. I own two box mods and really did not want another one. As I have Joyetech's Cuboid and Laisimo's Snow Wolf 200W why would I need another one? No one locally stocked the kit anyway and just the day before I ended up buying a Smok TFV4 Mini. Yes smaller than my TFV4 Full but not quite as small as I wanted.

So the Juice Shop in Edmonton had them ... except they were also part of a kit ... but with a difference.

These ones came with a cylindrical battery and I like these designs. Added to that it was a lot cheaper than the box mod kit, around £15 to £20 cheaper.

So I got my three e-juices and promptly jumped on a bus.

Scott at the shop must have heard me and come out to chat but the Smok One Sticks, as they are called, were not on show. Think they were surprised I had spotted them and come down for one as they were pretty new and not long had them.

There were four colours and I was interested in the black tank so bought the black kit. There was silver too .. just checking .. dumb-arse, yeah red forgot about that and white.

Saw a Pipe design battery, I think by Smok also, had a look at the other Stick one with a Nano TFV4 too and eventually left.

Bus back to Sainsburys, bought some Warburton's Hot Dog Rolls, as all I had were in my freezer, then headed for my friends house. Not that far to go but I started feeling tired again as I had done the afternoon before. It got worse rather rapidly too.

Doing the chores expected of me wore ou any energy I had. I put their TV on to watch something and tried to relax for a bit to recuperate.

I was reminded of doing stuff like this when were previously friends four years beforehand.

I also realised that doing my own stuff was going to get hard and become stressful and was already stressing. Even right now I have run out of one of those things that will make others cringe.

Toilet roll! LMAO!

When I eventually got home about 6pm I went um my stairs, feeling really rough at this point, and crashed out on my bed, asleep almost immediately. Woke up wondering where I was.

On my second visit to the house I fell asleep on their sofa and woke up thinking I was at home, before then groaning and then realising I had other things to do before I could even leave to go home.

Doing my own stuff is a pain in the arse due to rushing and/or forgetting, due to both a list of pains I experience and my short term memory losses that drive me to distraction.

Doing things like this for someone else I am quite literally losing half of my time foing favours for others.

I am now reminded that I will be asked to do this for three weeks ion a couple of months and I am going to have to say, no.

When I woke up at home in the evening on my second day of feeling rough I suddenly realised something else and something that was extremely vital to all that I had said and done and the points made on here. The same points I have made to my GP in a print-out he never received last week...

..I had forgotten to take my pills for two days running. I first realised I had forgotten them that morning and as I was feeling like crap the day before it made me think about how I left the house the day before and where I was going when I realised that I had also forgotten them the morning before as well. Going back three days is impossible for me.

In the Juice Shop Scott had experienced having a cold or flu virus. I told him that I never really get them and co go several years without contracting anything. That was that morning of my second bad day and had not taken any pills.

Would you believe that when I woke up on the third day my head was banging a little, I had a very sore throat and felt very whoozy and a burning nose?! Damn it! Bocked myself there?!

But the I had not taken my pills and as a result was very run down and so probably why I had contracted the flu?

A third day not good enough for you?

Then how about this?

I took the pills on the third morning I had forgotten for at least two mornings previously. Now I have always maintained to various Doctors that there is something up with my nasal passages and have had difficulties for years. The last two years I had thought there was something wrong at the back of my throat and like a hole or a gap or something. this was due to the way air moved through it as one day it just felt different. This was a few years back now.

Well ... one of my pills felt like it was in an odd and unusual place at the back of my throat and as I washed them down with milk it felt like it went somewhere it shouldn't. I thought it was my imagination.

Except as I was sipping my mug of tea suddenly I started to get a burning sensation at the back of my throat and realise this was a pills that was dissolving and must be in some hole somewhere?

I drank more tea to wash it away and the burning only got worse, I guess from ore of whatever pill it was dissolving. I ended up snorting to try to move it and BAM!

Suddenly  the burning became painful and I felt something go into my lungs that did not feel right!

Now this continued on for over an hour and in that time I resisted the temptation to dial '999' several times and probably not wise due to a potential problem with a lung?

Anyway I got over that period, thank God.

But I ended up with some kind of cold like virus and has played havoc with my taste and smell as food and drink I love tastes like crap and those e-juices of Donuts by Donut Juice, Marshmallow Man and Suicide Bunny's Original Bunny all tasted the bloody same!

Well either that or someone is faking or repackaging empty bottles with the exact same e-juices?!


I doubt that of course, hopefully my taste will return soon. But then the same company did try and sell an e-cigarette known as a Vicious Ant Vari-Ant for a lot more than the already ridiculous price £500 on an eBay auction. Lol.

I never made it out today either, Monday now, not even to rebook my GP appointment.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get out and hopefully I will finally remember to get some BLOODY BOG ROLL?!



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