Thursday, 7 April 2016


So there is a deep dark hole somewhere, where an elite, not sure that's the right word lol, group of people have been trying to avoid paying tax?

To be honest I know nothing of these areas but in the news reports it certainly send to suggest things aren't looking good?

Especially for the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

In all honesty I have quoted something in here I've also put several times to public services.

'Get your own house in order before you preach morals to others'

I was referring to the UK government who have repeatedly preached to other nations, and their leaders, on morals, human rights and how to be civilised!

I have found this literally laugh out loud hilarious and such a contradiction in its own right. Stupidly so and one of a string of things that I am aghast that they tried to pull and even more aghast that it would have been lapped up, bought, by the British public.

In fact I often wonder if they get away with things based on some kind of unspoken percentage of naïve people among the British public?

I mean, is it? Do they work on a percentage of naïve members of the public? Do they say 'Well if we can get [20%/30%/40%] (delete where necessary) to believe our crap we will get away with it'?
There must surely be something like that they work on?

It's like how it was spotted by the media, got something right for once, that it took several days to get an explanation out of David Cameron? Several days to come up with the right excuses and the best speech to make themselves sound as innocent as possible?

Well guilty of not that explanation would have been worked on.

Also becoming clearer, at least I hope it is to more people now than ever before, is that despite what they say they don't learn? Time after time the claims of all 'being in it together' look more and more like lies to more and more people? Fingers crossed.

They don't have to, to me. Unfortunately I realised some years ago what was really going on and while Tony Blair was still in power. Long before he quit by several years too!

Is anyone worthy of being Prime Minister or being a member of the cabinet? I seriously doubt it.
But naïve idiots will still vote for the same master ... no I can't use the word 'master' just 'criminals' and spouters of bullshit.

How many years are we into this financial crap now? Still not changed one single bit, apart from giving a good kicking to those that are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, physically or legally!

What a cruel, cruel nation the UK had become made worse by the falsities laid out to the test of the world about each and every office we have.

I also saw that the number of mental health sufferers hurting themselves and attempting to take their own lives had rocketed?

Sorry, another one of my predictions.

I seem to predict accurately so much and yet the cabinet, government, Number 10 and ask it's advisers are unable to see that?

Then for them all!

But what if they did? What does that tell you about their care and compassion for other human beings? These are the people you voted into power? Oh dear.

Maybe the best majority of the UK public are no different to these people and the amoral mindset is exactly the same?

Except in times like this you can rely on one single thing ...

... That the amoral cores of such beings will also cause them to scramble over each other's bodies in a vain attempt to survive like the proverbial rats deserting a sinking ship.

Oh dear!

But then I expected this to take place over the BBC & celebrity paedophile ring. That didn't happen, or was along the lines somewhere ... 'nipped in the bud' for want of a better term.

I pretty much could guess both who and why on the latter.

I've also been asking myself what else is being brushed under the carpet while this little nugget leaks out?

Whenever anything of reported on these days I always think they're I'd now something far worse they are running about trying to work on while everyone is busy in wide eyed shock?

'Leak something shocking but not as bad as the main event do we can work on an escape plan'?

Or likely mire accurately get my tabloid and news group owning mate to only report on this while we work on that?


I am sure that over the next year to three years this will end up being discovered.

I hope it is.

As for mental health sufferers ..

.. life, and they, is unfair. But take it from someone who had travelled through the darkest and farthest nether regions of the human mind and lived to tell the tale... do not allow them to best you.

Hold strong and you can survive.

You are not alone.

There are those that will scream, shout, kick and fight to stop them, change the attitudes anyway they can and give civilisation it's name back.

None of those you have turned to have been civilised, I have seen this at very close quarters and over dozens of times and people.

They are blind and are not civilised and should be ashamed of themselves for thinking themselves actual members of a civilised society.

They are not. They are just too blind and stupid to know it.

But there are those of us that now see clearly.

There are those of us that will take a stand.

There are those of us that will last ourselves down to see a true civilised society better than history had ever given us.

Think of that next time things are down.

Think of that next time your low.

Think of the possibilities that may arise!

Wouldn't you like to live long enough to see that take place?

If I was still trapped in the darkness with no signs of life or light anywhere to be seen, I know I would.

Be strong and surprise them for this they won't expect.

Try to tell yourself you might only have to make it another month and one month you may well see unfold all that you dream of?

Be safe.

David Cameron had stake in father's offshore trust -

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