Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I had to laugh when I read a certain part of the report linked below about Apple talking to cast manufacturers about them helping/building an iCar.

First off I simply do not understand how any car manufacturer would talk to Apple about building a car. This statement might not be clear immediately but when you look at the reasons why talks between both BMW and Daimler broke down it becomes obvious why.

When you see, or more likely read in moments the reason these talks ceased you will automatically, of you even have a basic grasp of companies like Apple or Google, you will tell yourself ...

"How in the world did these car manufacturers think it would be done in any other way?!"

Apple wanted the car being built and all the software on it linked into their own cloud, and/or computers!

Well any IT or computing firm would state this, certainly Apple and Google would want this while at the exact same time you wouldn't think of a single car manufacturer, outside of TESLA, to be capable of having their own IT setup, cloud service and decent software/operating systems or otherwise.

What I find extremely hilarious and typical is that after being given a tour around a factory/production line of a particular car, Apple ceased talks with the car manufacturer. BMW's i3, I think it's called, so I don't know if it was the production line of that model?

It's even more hilarious that it also states that Apple has something secretly set up somewhere to manufacture cars?

If true then this means that what it states, and I stated above, is exactly how it sounds, or reads, in that Apple got themselves tours of a production line to steal ideas, copy processes in the manufacturing? The fact that they then abruptly stopped speaking to the manufacturer who just have then this tour speaks bloody volumes measured in tens of gallons!

Just so I typical.

These car manufacturers have really been naïve in these instances and if Apple suddenly produce a car and elements of it pisses off any of the car manufacturers I will simply state on here 'more fool you!'

Probably so greedy as seeing a team of with Apple as virtually identical to world domination they were blinded to the fact that Apple were probably just sitting spying to pick up a shed load of pointers?

But at the same time ... the iCar? Really?? I don't think so, Apple.

That's a venture likely doomed to failure unless they produce something more fashionable than say an Audi TT? Not my sort of car but as a car nut, yes I'm one of them too, I understand why they are very fashionable. An Audi R8 would be closer to my car and I like other Audi's and have owned a Quattro.
Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeos are my passion along with a few other things.

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