Thursday, 14 April 2016


Before I started blogging I wanted to prove what had become obvious to me.

That there are a lot of ... illusions out there. Illusions most definitely set up by the powers that be, the government, the Illuminati pr whatever takes your preference, to fool us. Fool us that there are avenues out there we can take. Fool us that the laws actually matter and protect us. Fool us into thinking that we are fooled into thinking that we actually matter.

But I could not come on a blog and just state this.

So for a couple of years before I started blogging I started recording. Once I got up enough stuff and for another reason the London Olympics had finished I started to post to blogs.

I said from the very start that I had tens of Gigabytes of data and that as I went along I would continue to approach organisations and in each case it only worked if I had a genuine reason to do so.

I also stated that as I blogged my approaches for year after year that I would get nowhere.

The difference was that as I re-approached organisations that had given me the brush off previously I would do so with a very big difference. Over fifty gigabytes of data/proof and growing.

Of course to anyone with more than two brain cells working as a team you would be forgiven for thinking that I would win and get somewhere. Well yes OK I sort of did on occasions but the £4,500 I got from the DWP, for instance, was supposed to be £45,000 and that does not include the 8 years of being without a Freedom Pass, free travel on buses and trains.

Now think about it ... I had 50GB of proof that has grown to over 100GB of proof and yet I was sure enough of myself and them to state that despite me gradually getting all this proof I would still get nowhere?

How could I be sure of that?

I would imagine that many visitors thought 'no effing way!' I mean ... if I could do all that I could, get all that I could and post and publish in very public places how could I lose?

Because there are not as bright as they like to think they are and did not have a contingency plan for someone like me. Unfortunately for them.

Yesterday I got a letter from another organisation as part of the 'Wading Through The Sea Of Help' posts I did recently. Though this one was a bit different ...

I approached Patient Claim Line about taking the NHS to court. So I told them what had happened and I told them I had proof. Out of the 100GB plus of proof I told them about a select few, one Doctor admitting that he falsified an ultrasound scan and told me that I did not have an inguinal hernia when I did. That condition is a killer, or can cause gangrene and result in having your entire groin removed to save your life. Nice, I know. Now THAT is not what I had the scan for ... it was because I was feeling pain in an area where I had an inguinal hernia repaired on the OTHER SIDE. Now there they found an elongated and jagged black lump that was causing the pain.

What was it, I hear you ask?

They did not know!

Except when I got to the Doctor for the result, just as the Inguinal Hernia did, the black lump magically vanished from existence.

So not just a simple falsification we are talking about here.

So my plan was to go back to these people one at a time once I had enough evidence and better still, I had enough people visiting my blogs.

They cannot possibly so no, right? Wrong!

The Patient Claim Line actually told me that according to their solicitors, who must be, let's be honest here, fucking incompetent, I do not have a chance greater than 51%?!


But wait a moment ... they did not listen to a single scrap of my recordings or look at any of my reports, letters or anything else?! HUH?!

I got a reply back from someone, could have been the Patient Claim Line or the Disability Law Service ... who incidentally have not been a law service for over 5 years now ... but STILL have the name and still operating and getting funds from somewhere. One of them told me about ...

AvMA or Action Against Medical Accidents

Except all the things that happened to me were not accidents but deliberate which is far more serious than an accident.

Plus I do not have one but four cases and in each case there are half a dozen to over a dozen incidents of lying, proof and all that jazz. My God, it is over 6 GP Surgeries, little clue there.

After acquiring 100GB of data over several years, if I cannot get legal representation from somewhere then who the hell can?!

Well yup. I got a letter from AvMA and I have posted it below. Remember this is yet another organisation supposedly to help one or other sector of society and all the time I keep finding new ones.

The UK. The country were everyone works for a help or advice organisation despite the fact they do not do anything.

Well, other that is than making British taxpayers even poorer than they are!

Now I have told three people thus far, who were non believers just as many naive people that came on here likely were in the early days. Except now they were aghast that now I have proved what I said for years, oh yeah and I have fucking witnesses too!

They complained about the amount of tax they paid and asked if this is what all their taxes were going to? Dozens upon dozens of organisations that somehow came into existence over the last couple of decades that do not do anything?

I said, yep!

Or worse still getting donations off of naive bleeding hearts!

Rather bizarrely AvMA said the exact same thing that Patient Claim Line did without listening nor looking at a single kilobyte of my 100 gigabytes of evidence.

Just as before they did not even ASK FOR IT!

Remember they are called Action Against Medical Accidents so the name is misleading to likely defraud money and ... well you do not see a lot of 'action'. Lol.

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