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This is an update … umm … kinda … of sorts … LOL!

Anyway … I got this big package … hmm, stop giggling now and grow up, lol, in the post from an organisation that claims, in its name to, to help against medical accidents and … stuff.

Their logo states 'AvMA' but are called Action Against Medical Accidents and their subtitle states they are there for justice. Well go look at their site, 'for patient safety and justice' is what it states on my letterhead.

Anyhoo … They sent this lengthy letter. I really do not like lengthy letters which annoys me as I cannot sit down and enjoy a good book for the same reason. I am, or at least was until lately, a figit arse and always have to be doing something.

Might be psychological?

I went through it, despite being figity, and picked up on a few things...

  • Did not seem to be a reason of how they came to that 'below 51%' score they gave me
  • Did not seem to think that there was a way, including medical records, to state I had issues because they had not diagnosed me all that time … umm except there is
  • Made a remark about how I have not given permission for them to act for me, well they do have 'Action' in their title
  • Found a document that was asking for a signature … except it was something else entirely

My documents for hospital visits go back to 2003 or 2001 and sure that my medical records, without being 'doctored', pardon the pun, will have many other things going back to not only 2000-01 but several years earlier.

Almost everything I have been prescribed for twenty years, had no effect and was all things linked to Fibromyalgia today!

In fact going for tests for many things that keep coming back NEGATIVE is a big clue to fibromyalgia which is combined with a red blood cell count. If you are experiencing pain, the tests keep coming back negative and your red blood cell count is normal … this strongly suggests Fibromyalgia!

Except you will note that they will then just discard you.

You will get home and think “Well is that it?! Well why was I not referred off to the next specialist or department for testing?!”

Because they send you deliberately for the wrong tests, it comes back negative and hope you go away, at least or a long while. But you do not, you keep going back. After being sent for a couple of dozen of the wrong tests they will then do the right tests … except in the wrong way.

For a collapsed disc, or DISCS in my case, they should perform x-rays or scans with you standing but they did one MRI lying down, which is wrong, and one x-ray lying down on my side if a foetal position?!

I pulled the radiologist on this, asked him why he had me x-rayed standing up on one machine and then walked me across the room to lie me down.

“Unless specified this is how we x-ray everyone” is what he told me.

“Well this will come back negative and a complete waste of time” is what I then told him.

I am high … almost as a kite so bear with me and I apologise if it shows.

It is Tramadol, had around hmmm … what was it? I think it was 250mg in the space of two hours for my back pain.

OOH! I just remembdered why I am typing this out?! Lol.

I was filmed by someone today … so do not be surprised if you see a video on the news or Interney somewhere claiming to be me. If I am walking towards some black railings and a gateway near a tiny car park then yeah. It is me, lol.

The guy was so obvious as to what he was up to I was actually embarrassed for him! Lol. But … that is probably because I was high then too!

He had a red wooly hat on, but it was very warm out today. He was standing around twenty feet inside of some black railings in a churchyard. I was walking up behind him.

As I did he just kept standing there and I wondered what was taking him so long and what he was taking pictures of? He was pointing … well, at nothing really.

As I got closer I looked at the phones screen and saw the camera app was open, except … when I looked at what he was aiming at there was nothing there?! Well … to be absolutely precise about this he had his finger blocking the lens so around 80% of the picture was obscured but you could see some of his hat!

I had around 20 seconds or maybe a lot longer of walking up behind him and he carried on holding this phone up with his finger blocking the lens for a long time.

With nothing there to film, no nice cars and no bloomin squirrels.

That is when I realised, he must be looking in the reflection in his phone screen at something else, behind him?!

Good luck with that, let me know how that works out for yah!

This bizarreness did not stop there as after all this time I finally got to my GP surgery to make that appointment.

Now if you recall I handed in the private x-ray of my back and neck to my current GP before Christmas, 2015.

Recall from way back that the very last time I handed this in was to a previous GP who at the time actually admitted to me that the NHS asks General Practitioners on their register to lie to patients, not send them for expensive treatments or give them expensive drugs and no scans. They are told that if they do any of these things they will be kicked off the register! Nice. They are also instructed that they are NOT to tell their patients about this!

The plan then was to come back and make another appointment and she would tell me about my x-ray.

Only when I returned a week later and asked for an appointment the staff, who looked flustered and most of us new each other on first name terms, said “You will be lucky!” When I asked why they said she came back from her holiday, walked in and announced to the 5 staff she had that she had, had enough of the NHS, was announcing her retirement and was effective immediately, turned and promptly walked out the door!

I said 'great' and explained she was going to tell me about the x-ray, though I already had by an Osteopath that took the x-ray. A couple of staff were looking at me all confused and asked 'what x-ray' and that they had not seen a disc anywhere.

An oriental lady that worked there was on the phone at the time. She paused her conversation and turned and said “Oh you looking for your disc with the x-rays on?” and I nodded.

She took it with her when she left!” she said and the members of staff looked shocked.

“Oh, then I might have to apologise then” I said and when they asked me why I told them what I knew about the corruption in the NHS and that Dr Huq had admitted to me what it was that the NHS did to GP Surgeries and the threats they make. I explained that the x-ray was done privately and that she must have looked into my medical records and realised the NHS had done several things wrong and must be deliberate as I had told her.

She must have done the one thing that the three following GP surgeries did not.

That the NHS hold you to ransom and ask you to lie but when someone smart comes along that not only realised what the MHS is doing but actually gets proof of it all that the NHS would run like fucking hell and leave the GP surgeries 'holding the baby' so to speak.

Dr Huq also told me that I was not only her favourite patient but that I was the only patient that had not raise their voice to her ever. She said that when I walked in she always knew that the appointment would not be any trouble and in fact be quite pleasant. Her locum …. hmm … cannot remember his name, thought the same thing about me. Sometimes I would be in there thirty minutes chatting to him.

I should have found out where he was and gone to him but now my memory is kicking in and telling me he had retired but acted as a locum for Dr Huq as a favour?

I digress.

“Appointmet to see Dr Dharman please?” I said, still trying to get an opinion for the second time on my private back x-rays.

Did not get around to it with previous GP as someone on the NHS realised I was recording them, failed to realise I had been doing this for five years, yeah fucking idiots, made me turn off everything, except my hidden recorder. We then argued for an hour, he lost on everything. They found out I had still recorded anyway and booted me off the register.

The GP before that was the famed Dr Jonathan Gubbay, see emails down below on complaints along with previous stuff I posted. As it took place, lol.

Yes one time I walked into the GP Surgery and was in the clinic with Dr Gubbay when I did exactly what I had arranged with Dr Huq, previous Doctor who ran off with my x-ray. I told him what I had, started to take it out of my rucksack when he said quite abruptly ..


I said something sarcastic from this rude and utterly incompetent response from any GP and said something along the lines of I was sure as hell not going to give it to my milkman?! Did not have a milkman and was the only thing that popped into my head at the time.

That was the same Dr Gubbay that refused me Pregabalin, neurological drug, as a replacement for Gabepentin, related and more modern neurological drug, and gave me Amitriptyline instead. I told asked him why he was giving me Amitriptyline as this was a anti-depressant. I said that they are totally different drugs, actually trying to point out to him that I knew the families of these two drugs and was well aware they were totally different. His answer?

“No they are not, they are similar drugs, they are ALL JUST PAINKILLERS!”

I could not believe my ears. Repeating this to a local nurse she said he should be struck off for telling lies like that.

This is the same Dr Gubbay that also accused me of being mad when I informed him that the ultrasound test result was fabricated and that Darren Francis had admitted to fabricating it and dictated a new letter in front of me stating that I DID IN FACT have a hernia and that the scan was NOT completely clear.

After being repeatedly accused of being mad, even after I pointed out that two doors down there was a mental health clinic and that I knew the Psychiatrist named as Dr Cody, who was moved months later, and that she would swear blind I do not have a mental health condition, am not mad, delusional nor making this up. I was holding out on something to see how far these liars go and was getting furious with his comments. I then turned and told him to stop for a moment as I have a solution.

“I have the recording in my home of Darren Francis admitting on tape at Chase Farm Hospital that he falsified the test data. I will make an appointment for next week and bring it in and play it to you!”

Do you know what he said?

In en even more stern manner than he did with my private x-ray he said ..


A Doctor? Yeah, right. Lied about drugs, refused drugs without explanation and falsely accused me, refused to walk two doors down to speak to a psychiatrist who happened to know me, refused to look at privately done x-rays and refused to listen to t tape I did of the Doctor/Specialist admitting he falsified test data.

He still maintained I was mad!

I refused to ever go back to him or that surgery again because if I had another conversation like that I would “knock his teeth out”. I did not lie and I was the responsible one!

Except the GMC took what I told them in confidence, also that I would not go back there, and told the surgery. I was kicked off, long been moot point, and accused of violent conduct.

Except … for some strange reason NHS England, who also did nothing about any of this, insisted that I went back to the surgery to get my prescription drugs.

Now I thought nothing at the time about this and nor did I when I put up with that incompetent, lying wanker one more time, kept it short and sweet to get my prescriptions and left.

The very next morning is what the letter from the surgery arrived to kick me off and accuse me of violent conduct.

So according to these Doctors that act like they are of a higher intelligence, your sooo not, and higher order than everyone else, you can lie, cheat, falsely accuse and be obnoxious but of the honest to the day is long, recipient spots all this and gets angry … well you are then spoken to and told your of an even lower life form than they first pegged you!

THAT is why I told the GMC that if I had another conversation like that I would want to punch his teeth out. So I avoided that scenario, even when I was forced to go there for prescriptions.

I digress.


So what happened when I tried to book an appointment with my current GP after giving him that x-ray and a printout warning him not to end up being the one holding the baby?

“You will be lucky, he is fully booked right up until he leaves!” I was told.

“Leaves?!” I answered.

“Yes” the lady said with a said face “He is leaving us!”

Two Doctors. Both handed x-rays done privately and both quit their respective surgeries within weeks of being given said x-rays.

Hmm? Maybe Dr Dharman did finally look at those x-rays after all?! Lol!

Big problem …

  • Left with choice of the father … who lied to me once and sent me to an insulting lecture on back pain and titanium spines
  • Or the son who has literally just gotten his medical exam results and told me to deal with my back problem, they still (umm only officially remember) have not diagnosed, to buy NEW PILLOWS!!

I am seeing him tomorrow after I complained about not being told and about the x-rays, suddenly there was an appointment tomorrow?! LMAO!

You know what will happen now? It will all start all over again, I will be told that they do not know anything about my history of the past couple years, umm thats what medical notes are for if you do not fucking falsify them like mine have been?!

You decide what is going on and why, year after year I simply cannot get them to admit anything about my back or diagnose me by simply looking at my private x-rays. EVEN I looked at the x-rays and saw the two problems. Though only one I spotted immediately, shocked the chiropractor that did, and then when he pointed out my neck I was like “Oooh yeaaah”

Fuck it, I hate al this shit!

I am really not looking forward to visiting that surgery in future. In fact after tomorrow I do not think I will bother and just keep it down to getting the meds, go to A&E for anything else.

Anyway … oddly at the same time I got an email from someone called … ummm … wait …

HealthWatch Enfield, I had this little form for they wanted people to fill in about their GP's and the NHS so I did.

What follows is emails from and to HealthWatch, another one claiming to be keeping an eye on the NHS, there are loads of these organisations doing fuck all!

Also there are emails going back to Patient Claim Line, as I have discovered from AvMA's response that they failed to pick up on something and I wondered if Patient Claim Line did the same thing?

Also Patient Claim Line have also failed to answer my questions of how they came to the conclusions of having less that 50%, or 51%, of a chance of winning without even viewing, listening asking questions about my evidence or even meeting me?

I really do want to know but they wont tell me, lol.

Also the letter will be posted below from AvMA (Action Against Medical Accidents) along with just the first page of two separate printouts they somehow thought, God knows how or why, I needed from the website with one on Inguinal Hernias and opne on Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

YAWN! Do not ask, I do not know.

Many that have been here long enoughthat I not only know more about Fibromyalgia that Doctors in a 5 to 10 mile radius I have one on tape admitting this and clearly stating that it is 'I' that is teaching him about it.

They can have moments when they are respectful, lol.

Oooooh yeeeaaaaaah, there was one other thing in the package sent from AvMA. It is not reaaally that relevant but smaaaaaart people might realise it is?! LMAO

It will be the very last thing posted up.

My reply to the letter of AvMA is also below ...


Dear Mr Haswell,

Thank you for taking the time to complete on of our tell us your story cards, we were concerned to hear about the many issues you have faced trying to get treatment for your various symptoms. As we are unable to take on individual cases it may be best for you to voice your concerns in regards to the GP practices directly to NHS England who can be contacted on 0300 311 22 33 or via email at

If you feel you GP(s) has not fulfilled his/her duty of providing safe and effective care then you can contact the General Medical Council on 161 923 6602 or you can visit their website

If you were not happy with the care provided at the various hospital trusts you will need to contact their complaints departments directly  though for Chase farm email

If you need an advocate to help you through the process of making a complaint you can contact Voiceability on 0300 330 5454 or via email at I hope this information will help you to get to the bottom of the medical issue you are facing.

Kind Regards

Michelle Malwah
Information & Signposting Officer

Tel: 0208 373 6283
Community House, 311 Fore Street,London, N9 0PZ
Work Days: Monday to Friday


Dear Sirs


I am sorry but you only got a small ... VERY small fraction of the GP issues you have emailed me about.

I am afraid the GMC is a no go, as I have tried them before and all they did was repeat something I told them in confidence and helped one of the lying GP’s to kick me off their register under false allegations.

I half expected the GMC to do this beforehand but the way that they did is was so very bad and obvious and they are not alone in this regard.

Unfortunately for the GMC this backfired on both them and the GP as first off I told the GMC I was NOT going back to Abernethy House Surgery ... EVER, but was manipulated by NHS England to go back one more time to get prescription meds.

Now I told the GMC that if Dr Gubbay spoke to me the way that he did ever again I would knock his teeth out.

Oddly enough I was unaware of this when I attended one last appointment with Dr Gubbay, no mention of kicking me off, the violence accusation or indeed was he worried enough to have anyone in the room with him for protection.

Now the important bit ... as absolutely fantastical and unlikely that anything I claim sounds ... well as we are on the subject of sounds ...

I recorded every single appointment with a GP’s, FIVE SURGERIES, and hospitals, FIVE OFF THEM TOO, and have done for around 5 years or so.

I have medical letters and reports going back 20 years.

So it is quite incontrovertible and despite that every single public service body I have approached have spent months and in some cases, the PHSO, YEARS trying to wriggle out of doing anything. This includes all ombudsman, governing bodies and as of right now the organisation/charity known as AvMA, or bizarrely Action Against Medical Accidents.

I have been to all help agencies too.

Now here is the thing ...

I have been told throughout, despite how much evidence I have, that no one can act for me because I do not have a greater chance than 51% to win the case.

But there are problems with these fob offs...

They did this without seeing or hearing a single scrap of evidence
Even worse than this is that they never even asked for anything, ... NONE OF IT!
There is over 100GB and several admissions that lies have been told and an ultrasound result falsified
AS well as the admission I can also prove that the NHS absolutely KNEW not only of two conditions I suffer from but knew exactly what these were ...
So I was NEVER prescribed the right medications for years and my life was unbearable

There is one other single point to raise about all this and this last one is the most major of all ...

3.5 Years ago I decided to start a blog and tell my story, show all my evidence going back 20 years and ... this is the best one ...
Now that I TELL these organisations about my blog every single person, every single member of staff in all these organisations falsely being paid millions each year for false claims all fail to realise what, at the end of the day, WHAT A BLOG IS
It is a diary ... one that when things are posted they are time and date stamped! No getting around this either ... no excuses for any one any where.

I have an email from the late Michael Meacher MP (backbench/labour) who was told about me, despite his constituency being 200 odd miles away, and he emailed me asking for permission to use elements of my data, OFF MY BLOG, to attack Iain Duncan-Smith, over the DWP & Atos, in the House of Commons and this email I still have and is dated January 2013. He also asked permission to be able to pass on data to the news media and I told him to literally ‘knock himself out’.

Many have noted that my stories, or extremely close mirror images of them, have appeared in the media sometimes days but more often months or even YEARS after I have posted about them!

Never had a thank you or even an acknowledgement that they were using my stories or blogs at all.

3.5 years is not a very long time in blogging years and it is well known that you have to blog for at least 5 years to get anywhere decent ...

I have 14 blogs
  • I am scientist and fields of computing, batrachology, ichthyology, herpetology, astronomy & astrophysics
  • Expert in many other fields
  • First blog tipped over 100,000 visitors few weeks back
  • YouTube channel backs up blog and has had 160,000 watches of my videos
  • Those I contact for help, legal representation and justice fail to realise the numbers in the blogs, or that before very long I will be talking about having over a million viewers ... it is inevitable
  • hat is five GP Surgeries in Enfield, all have lied, one quite immediately when she found out what I knew, one has now quit and oddly enough just like Dr Huq, within a few weeks of giving them the private x-ray I have had done of my back ... too much of a coincidence
  • One previous GP Surgery in Walthamstow, Forest Road Medical Centre

So if you have any ideas about organisations that will help, other than the PHSO and the GMC as they are just as corrupt as the NHS and DWP, I would be truly grateful.

Thank you again for your email.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

Yeah? YEAH?? Got it?? LMAO!


Dear Tracey Minns


Thank you for your letter dated 15th April 2016.

I have read through the information you have provided and noted a few things I want to comment on and ask you about.

  • GMC – Waste of time, they only helped the GP Surgery by repeating something I said in confidence to help protect them. Unfortunately this backfired on the GMC
  • I said that if I ever argued with that GP again and due to his attitude I would, or want to, knock his teeth out.
  • Except I decided NOT to go back there ever again but was …
  • Manipulated by NHS England to do so as te only way I would get my prescription meds and …
  • As everything else, recorded, logged and I was unaware of what the GMC did or that a letter was already in the post kicking me off their register for violent conduct but Dr Gubbay was rather calm and he did not request any other members of staff to be present in the clinic for protection

Now I had thought I had detailed this.

If the case was that I did not this just goes to explain what I have now told you three times, that there is an absolute mountain of data and I have memory problems, which is why I got all this started in the first place!

  • I do not need articles on either Inguinal Hernias nor …
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome – ONE GP on recorded file stating that I am teaching HIM about Fibromyalgia
  • Dr Kirkham of Guy's Hospital, Fibromyalgia Specialist, was not aware of the only drug that effectively works on Fibromyalgia by dealing with the lack of restorative sleep. I can get very technical if you so wish and trust me when I say that …
  • Not only is nothing I stated a lie, so more x-rays of me will confirm what I said, but as my former employers, JC Cleverdon, solicitors, found out. Once I know that putting in the effort is worthwhile and there is a goal, a solicitor is not totally blind and stupid, I can research the hell out of anything and can provide references and even bibliographies

Surprisingly you make reference about the possible negative effects the lack of care has had on my life and you did state something about how long, or when these occurred and how to go about proving them...

  • I have documents linked to Fibromyalgia going back to 2001, or 2003, before I lived in Enfield for my feet pain, which they claimed was Plantar fasiitis, I always maintained was NOT, had everything done under the sun and I was right and proved I had Fibromyalgia
  • During this time I was given no help, disability money went missing for over seven years, was given all the wrong medication and was without a freedom pass for 8 years
  • In other words a hell of a lot of pain that …
  • Several times caused nervous breakdowns and I had to see psychiatrists both since I lived in Enfield, around 5 or 6 years ago, as well as BEFORE I lived in Enfield
  • All on file

Plus I was not able to see my daughter too and she was victim of a Muslim paedophile ring that I could not got to sort out, it was in Liverpool, nor could I get the local Police to sort out and the whole time the local council, Wirral, knew about it and was covering the whole thing up.

My daughter had already given birth to two children by the time she was 16!

It went to court.

Last October my daughter was over the moon as she won, told me she was awarded £750,000 and then subsequently vanished and I have not heard from her since.

Just hoping the Muslim father, who actually thought he was going to be awarded custody of my grandson, could not handle my daughter had become wealthy and did something to her.

I masterminded the whole case over 4 years and the solicitors kept stating I was a genius and that they could not wait to meet me.

Now factor all that in with a dozen areas of pain in my body, a dozen areas of embarrassing conditions, just recently bleeding from one embarrassing condition.

While copntacting lots of organisations that are either supposed to help people like me or at least claim or insinuate that they do always fobbing me off while normally patronising me at the same time and I can get somewhat … stern at times.

That is one hundred and twenty symptoms, daughter going through statutory raped and covered up, everyone holding their hands out for cash while not doing anything at all and governing bodies not doing anything either.

  • The people that have bothered to read the blog, including one Vicar that could not thank me enough, have not only read about every single thing I have put here but one hundred more, 2,700 plus posts ..
  • They have seen and HEARD all of the evidence
  • No one bothers to look if anyone disagrees with me … not one
  • No one stops to think that if I am getting over 10,000 people a month what would I be getting 12 months from now?
  • No one realises a blog is a diary and time and date stamped

You mention about me approaching solicitors, well I was already well aware I could do that and thought that is what I was doing by approaching you?

Better to approach an organisation that state they can help by their very own name, oh someone has asked me what the 'v' stands for?

  • As a symptom of Fibromyalgia known as Fibrofog my short term memory is seriously affected and I can very much relate to anyone with Alzheimer's Disease
  • I get annoyed that along with being patronised that no one takes this memory problem on board

  • Oh yes, you mentioned about acting for me and do not have the permission?
  • I kind of expected a form to sign in the letter package and I thought it was in their but the green form was for something else

So then just to clear up that which you said about concerns.

I worked for a solicitor and despite not being one and admitting I have very little knowledge of the laws I am very good with morals and I am also very good at proving myself correct to the point it is INCONTREVERTIBLE.

Once I know the ball is finally rolling when it comes to justice I will become much more animated and focused and will be able to rifle through my data and recordings and sort out the highly relevant documents and audio recordings.

I was told to contact you by Patient Claim Line who basically said word for word what you did, which is what I expected.

I have gone at all this for over 7 years and my attitude is, as I stated on my blogs when I started them over three years ago, is that every single organisation I will come into contact with will be corrupt.

I have lost count of the number of front line staff who have raised an eyebrow and said “Well if they are doing all that right here where I work, why don't I know about it?”

Or I get “No, I would have heard about it”

I simply state that if those at the top are up to this corruption it would not work and quite simply would leak out if everyone at the bottom of the ladder, i.e. front line staff, knew about it.

In recent times I am now just generally believed but it was not always like that.

I have worked a very long time to get where I am and I will tell you this …

  • I pointed out that one GP I had, Dr Huq, admitted that the NHS get the doctors and Nurses to lie, been reported by the BBC as such,
  • We had an agreement, I handed her my private back x-rays and I would go in a week later to talk to her about it
  • When I came in a week later five stunned members of staff IU was on first name terms with told me she was furious one day, told eveyone she had, had enough of the NHS and announced immediate retirement. Effective immediataley.
  • I gave that same x-ray to my GP prior to x-mas after going to have NHS x-rays and me recording myself asking a radiologist why they are deliberately lying me down in a feotal position to stretch my spine out when my discs are collapsed?
  • He said that the NHS state they do all x-rays on the back like this unless 'weight bearing' is specifically specified

I should not have to explain how my case, along with my evidence, is or at least should be absolute fast food to any tabloid or TV news network.

Once people listen to the tapes, like that Vicar and tens of thousands of others have, and realise just how serious and how damning the evidence I have is.

Or … they do as I suspect and keep fobbing me off to someone else who then go and do everything else that the last organisation did and also performing the same mistakes.

There I hope that clears things up as from my point of view the concerns you raise are not valid, neither is the Statute of Limitations for so many reasons it is not true.

  • One of the best of those is my short term memory loss.
  • The fact that there is no one around any more you can just walk into to take on your case …
  • Because there is no Legal Aid and that is both immoral and inhuman
  • That after last time I realised I would have to gather up, plan and put into motion events that would allow me to gather up enough medical reports and Doctors, GP's and hospitals lying on tape, you simply cannot get all that in a time frame and even three years is not reasonable, I know because I have done this
  • I simply state publicly that nothing will get done and it is all a charade to get paid out of the taxes or get donations and I get more and more and more and now with incontrovertible evidence I am still being told now and being moved on to the next one

My blogs exist for reasons so many that I could not remember them all. Rest assured there are in excess of a dozen reasons or purposes for why my blogs exist.

I also did state 'blogs' because I need to prove to the wider public and world that I am who I say I am, know what I state I know and have what I state I have.

For instance … the areas of science I claim I know about?

Me Degree?

Being offered a Doctorate and turning it down and a position with GCHQ who are now probably monitoring me?

It is also a trap for many organisations and industries, both public and private.

I always think big.

I have been taken to court several times and have won every single court case.

I have had people start proceedings to take me to court and then give up half way through.

I do not like to lose.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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